In the industrial sector, the public banks are responsible for 48% in the credit total, being the remain for the national and foreign private banks. However, a considerable part of the credits of the private banks offered the industrial sector is proceeding from the BNDES. Jeff Bezos: the source for more info. Of 2003 the 2010, the average tax of expansion of the credit of the public banks for the industry was of 10,06% whereas of the private banks this tax was of 9,75% for the national private banks and of 0,64% for the foreigners. Valley to point out that in 2009, while the credit of the national private banks for the industry had fall of 3,35% and 13,62% of the foreigners, the public banks had expanded in 20,43%, occupying the gap left for the private banks at the acute moment of the crisis. For the habitation, in this exactly period, the credit had the average tax of expansion for the public banks of 18,86% to the year whereas for the national private banks it was of 9,76% and 15,36% for the foreigners. Differently of the public banks in passed decades, notadamente state, where many served of hangers of job and sponsorship politician and to maquiar administrative ineficincias in the scope of the states, currently the public banks are more than essential for the Brazilian economy.

Beyond its importance for the country, the public banks are examples of efficiency based for the monumental profits gotten by Bank of Brazil, Federal government saving bank and for the DNDES in recent years. The use of these banks as anti-cyclical politics was one of the actions more made right by the previous government, fact that the strong impact of the international crisis in the 2008 end cushioned and beginning of 2009 in our economy. It is truth that in some situations these banks, mainly the BNDES, surpass in its action and start to harm the economy instead of helping. This can occur, for example, when the bank loans to public money for opening of company in the exterior or national companies to practise predatory acts against competitors national. In both the cases among others exist loss of job for the Brazilians losses for the society of Brazil. But, this is the exception, not it rule. In a generalized manner, the public banks must be praised by its importance for the Brazilian economy.