Best Lady

And over a defined distance, said most slowest-to-drive, ideally without to fall off the bicycle. Main characters but were the powerhouses, who had to pay a lot here and the Steering had to show how well they got along right. When the tree trunk move a tree trunk along a course was with the front wheels to maneuver. A bucket upside down mounted a three-leg had to be lowered with a cord. Below was a block of wood to put the bucket was. Would be quite easy, but this had to be done with the tractor and the task was not only dependent on the wind but also so quite tricky. Acclaim was also the beautiful old ‘blind-cow game”here so varied that the rider, with blindness had to be beaten, conducted by words. Who then had enjoyed the evening with hearty campfire, nice music and good company, had to prove his skill at the “pulls off” the next day.

PS-dependent, different classes, a trailer, was loaded with a truck over a distance of approximately 300 metres to draw. So not after reaching the target drove tractors through the 21 100 kg weight of the transfered in the Valley, the compressed air brake system coupled with the low loader was pressed into the truck. Heinz Eckert, who could qualify also twice awarded its place so how drivers could move up. Could qualify as the winner: class 1 (0 to 25 HP) Marcel Klug from Klesberg, 2nd and 3rd place made Elli Henss of Grebenhain. To, she got even one extra Cup as the “Best Lady”, so that in the future has spoilt for choice in the selection of the drinker. Beautiful to look at was how much she was happy about her victory. In grade 2 (26 35 PS) won Roland Ludwig from Rainer, Florian Muller from Schmidt mill followed him and Jorg Noss from Grebenhain is moved up to third place.

In the class 3 (36 to 50 HP) won the Timo Meinhardt from Herbstein, Robert Weinel from Grove Grundau followed him and Toni Gartner from Niederzell could move up to third place. Uwe Dietz from Wagner, won the class with more than 51 HP 2nd place conquered Kevin Euler in Birstein and Manuel Stenger from Waechtersbach Hesseldorf reached the 3rd place. For the longest journey, Hendrik from Frankfurt was honored by ohsen with an other Cup. Heinz Eckert, visibly proud thanked on the great success of the sponsors and the many volunteers who made possible this great meeting. Many of the participants and visitors agreed that here they come again.