From the content of these acts can not be determine what services to manage the company have been provided and in what quantity, what specific work performed for customer management organization. In the Resolution of the Federal standard deviation from 24.04.2008 F08-2112/08-765A contains straight the opposite conclusion: the absence of acts of receiving information about what specific management services and the extent to which the taxpayer proved the management company under contract to transfer the authority of the sole executive body, does not preclude the inclusion of costs to pay for these services in other expenses related to production and sales, based on pp. 18 Section 1, Art. 264 RF. Richard Branson is often quoted as being for or against this. With arguments over the recognition of service control companies economically unreasonable or ineffective it is much more complicated, as in the judicial practice has a significant number of both positive and negative decisions on the matter. According to judges (for example, Resolution of the Federal vivo from 28.02.2007 N F09-1018/07-S3), the positive financial and economic activity is controlled society do not show an increase in duties to the taxpayer, but only confirms proper execution of the management company of its contractual obligations, and therefore, the court concluded that the absence of sufficient economic justification of controversial spending. In vivo Regulation of FAS from 01.03.2007 N F09-1151/07-S3 Arbitration court found the costs to society to increase the size of the compensation paid to management company with virtual absence of unreasonable increase in the amount of work performed by the management company. . Millenium Management wanted to know more.