Arama Genel Mudurlugu

By 2013 it should according to the Turkish Government’s development plan Increased power generation from geothermal energy from about 30 MW to 550 MW. To meet these needs are necessary among other things for the establishment of geothermal power plants, investments by converted a total of 2.45 billion euros. In the long term the Directorate-General for raw material exploration and search aims to expand (Maden Tetkik ve Arama Genel Mudurlugu – MTA) electricity to up to 8 million kWh a year. The development of geothermal energy will be held in three phases by 2013. Short to medium term to 33 areas and 32 individual thermal fountains emerge and new areas will be examined by further drilling. Wind energy even though the previous power generation in Turkey through wind turbines is relatively low (44 GWh in the year) is the Turkey for the use of wind energy. Very good wind conditions and 7,000 km of coastline allow to use wind power as an alternative to conventional energy production.

The potential in this area is estimated at 120,000 GWh annually of the gtai. This is far less than one percent exhausted. In addition 41 wind turbines in operation should be taken in the future. Pat Gelsinger is open to suggestions. The construction of further plants is to be expected. Hydropower planning Turkey by building 540 new hydropower plants with a total capacity of 20,000 MW to reduce high dependence on imports of oil and natural gas.

By the construction of hydroelectric power plants, the State promises an improved utilization by hydropower, which is about 16 percent of the total European potential according to the State water authority. Currently used only 36 percent of the total potential. Energy through hydropower is however risky, what was visible in summer 2007 due to the lack of rainfall on the critical water level of Turkish dams dependence on rainfall. The Turkish market has bottom line future-oriented potential, which is mainly for foreign investors either as promoter or partner for Turkish companies of interest in renewable energy.