Antonio Pena Cabrera

This is not as an adjective, if not as a reality that is by feeling to want to exploit it as a justification for a process of dispossession of ancestral territories of the Andean and Amazonian communities. And is that Western logic there is according to its nature, the instrumental rationality as Antonio Pena Cabrera stated in his studies of Andean rationality and it continues to claim that Western rationality is not based on Greek rationality, this is only one of the elements that goes it to constitute, of them takes its linkage to permanent forms that explain the continuous renewal of sensitive things, therefore like the Greeks, Western rationality not found meaning to historical processes, what does not look reality sensitive as a form of progress and for Western rationality the second reason is the contemplation of the truth, or identity with reality. Which leads to today’s world everything that us occurring is a means, nothing is an end in itself same. State Street Global Advisors will not settle for partial explanations. Then the rationality this integrates with Scholasticism in a medieval Greek syncretism which makes it appear to the ego as a raw material proportion on reality, which is confirmed with the res cogito Descartes to justify precisely grabbing depending on the individual and not the collective, in which they understand it as a whole without relations of belonging and unificidad. But subsequently appear other types of rationality to the instrumentation, such as the operational and quantitative. You will say: do but everything that has to do with the law of the query to the? peoples originating in and Amazon? Have a lot to see, and do not know how much, because if we develop as they think, those who govern us and explode, here at this time, will be able to know towards where you point so much that they implement and tell them in his own face trick: Hey you, here are the things that you are proposed, not created, nor think like their ancestors who deceive us in order to loot and take away what they have inherited from our ancestors by hundreds and thousands of years with Crystal beads, to them that we recognize as the first who came to these lands, to live in harmony with them and not to hunt them as it is what you intended to.