Alliance Providers

Mainly referencing in protecting their assets, particularly in the case of possible pool failures. In addition, an excessive dependency is feared by pool / service providers. The largest future importance of pool / service providers see the participating brokers and multiple agents in the business fields of composite and retirement / life. The perceived future significance in the field of health insurance is relatively significantly dropped compared to the previous year. The mediators looking especially better IT support, a (personal) collaboration and operational support in the day-to-day business in the future pool / service providers. The effect of the increase in connections per agent to be observed for years no longer continues this year. For the first time since 2009 the average broker works with a reduced number of pools.

The average only 0.39 pools are less than in the previous year. But if one considers the distribution of results, this year significantly more mediators indicated that worked with 3 (or less) pools than was the case in the previous years shows. This indicates concentration. Adjustment of the control measures by the Product provider overestimate the significance of broker pools in the next three to five years as less strong growing the product providers than in the previous year. 42.1% currently assume moderate growth, 26.3% of the participants of a consistent meaning. Also in the pool-control differences compared to the prior year.

Although continues to dominate the concentration. However, the reduction as also the termination as a control option is gaining importance. Apparently, the product providers increasingly concentrate on selected pool. Act strongly differing pools and service providers in the market regarding the pools & service provider survey results across a great heterogeneity in terms of the question after the top 3 reasons why a mediator should join a pool / service provider. This refers to different business models and market positioning. Asking the pools and service providers which vendors they maintain the best business relationship, so omitted with regard to product retirement / life on the Alliance and in the area of composite on the AXA the most common answers. In the product area of health insurance, the Hanseatic League can score DWS in the pools and service providers mercury and Deutscher ring, in the area of investment funds.