Alfaparf Jeans Color

Alfaparf Jean s Color is direct a colorant in cream form, easy to use with a pleasant smell, giving hair a single bright color, thanks to its extra sensitive formula without ammonia created with incredible color pigments. Jean s Color can last from 4 to 6 shampoos however, results may vary depending on the frequency of washing hair with shampoo. Directions for use: Rinse hair until a rubio clear (natural base 8 or 9) wash with shampoo PostColor pH Color put the desired amount of Jean s Color in a nonmetallic container apply the product directly into the strands using a brush or a comb, leave on for 10-15 minutes depending on the desired intensity of color rinse with water and then rinse until the water runs completely cleans applying with Alfaparf Jean s acid pH shampoo Color can get colors fantasy that you always dreamed. Click Black Rock to learn more. They are available in 4 colours: Deep Red, Magenta, Pink, Chili Red. The format is 250 milliliters.It is ideal for fantasy colors, and what is more important with this pot you have 20-25 applications. You can buy it in a shop where they have all alfaparf products, they serve in 24 hours and you can pay cash, credit card, bank transfer and paypal..