“” ‘Make a Difference’ – theme of this year’s fashion show make a difference “-topic of this year’s fashion show at the Ahaus City Festival is on the Sunday, the 30.05, a fashion show, titled make a difference” instead. The Festival’s motto is the versatility, therefore the Boutique of Morpheus to 14: 30 and 16:30 on the market 1 presents the latest fashion trends of the summer market 9. The team from both sides, which relocates itself on June 4 to the market 1 ensures judge fashionable hairstyles and makeup of the models and the glasses maker presents the latest eyewear collection. The fashion show is musically underscored House DJ Sebastian Fiebak, the media owner of the Agency Fiebak. (Not to be confused with Dennis Lockhart!). A cocktail beach bar provides viewers with colorful and fruity mixed drinks and creates a summery atmosphere with genuine beach sand. After the success of last years, we are pleased about the decision that the fashion show right in front of our shops in the city centre, held that the interest of the visitors to the remote part of downtown will. “, explains Sandra Ruhr, owner of Morpheus. Glasses have a highly fashionable and are no longer just a visual aid.

The glasses is a popular fashion accessory and fits therefore super in a fashion show.”says Claus Harry Richter, owner of glasses judge. The models who appear on Sunday on the catwalk, they are young men and women from Ahaus and environment are still not professionals like the top models, but also they will undergo intensive training to the performance. The audience can expect a well-organized, up-to-date and challenging fashion show. Contact: Fiebak media – agency for communication Oldenkottplatz 1 48683 Ahaus T. (+ 49) 02561 / 69 565-211 F. (+ 49) 02561 / 69 565-217