Advertising Marketing

Lightweight and robust, small mobile booths allow for a minute to install the mobile display, mobile reception is really for advertising. All advertising banner stands are equipped with holders bags, tubes for storage of photographic paper and perenoski.Fotopaneli double laminated, polypropylene, polyester banner fabric or can be easily changed. Very popular with sales managers and exhibitors roller design of mobile stands. It's convenient design Roll Up. Bicycle stands are available in 2 versions. The difference between these structures exhibit that graphic panels is based mobile stand and easily extracted from him, pulling on a folding support.

Roller mobile exhibition stands are made from aluminum, they are easy, elegant and easy to use in the 'field' conditions. Mobile exhibition stands 'Stella' – the most famous Russian mobile stands. Graphic panels in sizes of advertising stands – 217 x 90 cm. Mobile Stand 'Stella' takes up little space, graphic panels easily fixed with the help of eyelets. In the mobile stand 'X-Banner' and graphic panels are attached with eyelets.

Small posters convenient way to store the X-shaped mobile stands, the size of the graphic panels for the X stands is usually 55 or 60 cm X-banners – most economical advertising structures, they differ very little weight and stability simultaneously. These three factors explained very great popularity of mobile X-banner stands. Different versions of L-shaped mobile exhibition stands ispolzouyutsya very well. This exhibition equipment – very light, these stands are made of aluminum and plastic, easy to assemble and fit into the bag-tube. Usually the width L-shaped mobile stand – 90 cm, height – 200 or 215 cm among the most popular exhibition stands as it should be noted Y-stands. They usually have a telescopic support, it allows the Y-stand to easily change the height of the graphic panels in all other stands the size of the graphic panels – is strictly limited to the construction of the stands. The models – the most popular and are available to purchase from us, as well as order prints and graphic panels to get more posts for advertising. You are welcome our demozale, come, choose, buy a mobile exhibition stands and Brochure Holder and more