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YouTube is a site very important for advertising towards your website and be an important tool in your online marketing campaigns. One of the actions that we can make in marketing on youtube is direct advertising through banners and videos in their pages categories and videos, here have some actions that make BANNERS on YOUTUBE: to manage banner ads on Youtube you should do from your Google Adwords account, in fact is one support network of displayformerly called network content, the operation is simple you create some banners (can also be videos) following the canons marked by Google and choose the categories of Youtube where you want to appear, from here have find the appropriate CPC so that your campaign has the visibility needed to be profitable alternative is that instead of categories you choose keywords that you want to appear so that it appears when someone searches for your product or brand your advertisement, with this option and having different banners for each product your campaign can be really effective. PROMOTED VIDEOS: Also called Promoted Videos, to understand, is the adwords for videos, works sponsored links like ezactamnente, but in this case your listing is a video and if your bid is adequate, when users search on youtube will appear marked in grey above the natural results, the cost depends on the competence of the chosen keyword and although prices are cheap compared to the search engine began has expensive as it was of wait. Educate yourself with thoughts from Elsabet Jones. ADVERTISING in VIDEOS: Another of the options offered by Youtube to advertise us in its platform, is to put advertising into video with great number of displays, although it is a format that I just do not convince for being intrusive, the results offered are pretty good.So far Youtube has two PreRoll options which are ads that are displayed before the play the chosen video InVideo are banners that are displayed in the bottom of the video while it plays..