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Johannes Plate

Creature is not just a movie, but also an example of student communication and collaboration in all Germany. All Decisions of the project on a communicative, non-profit level. Thus, the creature is not only a great experience and practice for all stakeholders, but also a way to improve the team and an extension of the personal horizon. The PMA production label was founded to further cooperation and joint identification in relation to the production of films by Nancy Bower, Johannes Plate and Benjamin Orgis. That the project is no longer in its infancy, has shown the successful first turn time in last summer, however, are highly motivated to deepen and expand the work above all everyone, the founder. The letters of PMA mean progressive motion arts. The label stands for progressiveness in techniques, practices, innovations and ideas. PMA stands for topics movement moving, moving images, and advanced Visual effects.

The plot carries the film, the image, but characterizes him. It stands for the belief that film-making not only is a commercial industry, but especially art. That film-makers are artists. That no idea is too absurd to make more. PMA stands for change! To implement these objectives, all involved with highest concentration, creativity and perseverance work on all projects.

The regular feedback meetings again give opportunity to resolve problems and to exchange experiences with the staff. Each work group can consult here and speak the scenes with the other teams which is very important when turning on the set. Vanguard will not settle for partial explanations. The project leader, Benjamin Orgis and the artistic director of the film, Johannes Plate monitor all this. John made the decision to adapt a Sage from the region of Torgau in April 2007. During the summer of 2007, both through the mutual hobby of film the vision had to launch a joint project with maximum professionalism. So first foundations for the screenplay were set as well as the search started by employees at the Johann-Walter-Gymnasium in Torgau. Staff found themselves with time from all over Saxony. The achievement of this vision will likely premiere in the fall of 2011.

V 1111 (CVBS) Video Cutting Levels And V 1212 (YC) By ViTecco

Video isolation amplifier, insulators, OPTOS, Potenzialtrenner for the field of technical television ViTecco 2 video-cutting stage presents: V 1111 is for composite video signals while V 1212 to YC video signals is designed. You work with high speed optocouplers and serve to eliminate interference by compensation currents of electrical potential isolation or be installed for security reasons when connecting peripheral devices. Both devices are equipped with 230 V – power supplies and can be used as Add-On devices are used as also in installations (E.g. video monitoring). As accessories there are matching brackets for wall mounting.

Both devices are available immediately at ViTecco. The V 1111 1212 costs 198,00 EUR, the V video input CVBS is 228,00 EUR incl. VAT specifications V 1111 = 1 VSS / 75 ohm / BNC CVBS output = 1 VSS / 75 ohm / BNC isolation voltage 3000 V (input / output) 4000 V (video/power) bandwidth 17 MHz (-3dB) noise ratio 78 dB power supply 230V power supply built enclosed plug-in power cord power 1.3 W unit dimensions W 10.5 x H 4,3 x T 8.5 cm / 12.0 * cm, 0.35 kg * with brackets specifications V 1212 video input Y = 1 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden C = 0.3 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden video output Y = 1 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden C = 0.3 VSS / 75 Ohm / 4-pin. Hosiden isolation voltage 3000 V (input / output) 4000 V (video/power) bandwidth 17 MHz (-3dB) noise ratio 78 dB power consumption 1.5 W power supply 230V power supply plug-in power cable incorporated enclosed unit dimensions W 10.5 x H 4.3 x T 16.5 cm / 20.0 * cm, 0.5 kg * with brackets more info at: ViTecco GmbH Buntefeldstrasse 25 D-30952 Ronnenberg Tel.: 0511 – 2200 705-0 fax 0511-2200 705-99 eMail: Internet:


I think it’s incredibly important to give people guidance and worked out for me as our most important asset in particular in the fields of health, money, and knowledge. “Appeared a few weeks ago the book what is man?” the BoD Verlag. Unfortunately, she had to refuse an author agreement with the Goethe-Verlag Frankfurt, the author decided in her second book again for the self-published. Years, I have discussed with a friend about fundamental questions of being human and hoped that he would publish this book. Unfortunately he, had not the courage.” As the journalist, IT consultant and technical writer decided to handle this initially strange for her subject from philosophy as widely as possible and to write a book about it. In the course of writing, she repeatedly discovered basic concepts of human life, which are interpreted differently by different groups or in past and present. She need to have a on all these views usually to her work which is Man?”to make comprehensive. “In the interest but a speedy completion she renounced these details and gave the additional subtitle their script an introduction”.

This little book with 38 chapters may be the so far most common work to the description of our today’s existence as human beings and for each interesting to read, looking for guidance in their own lives. If I could find a publisher who supports my work, I would expand like this introduction, also with regard to the number of the chapter.” But not only the extension of the book what is man?”the writer at heart, but also a second continuation volume, which may be what am is I?” could mean and the human in the future should be. Never an orientation for the future in this society I met, I could work towards. That I really miss”. But that’s still not all. The author would like to make people of the future already in the present and has her vision on their private Homepage laid down. I think it’s incredibly important to give people guidance and worked out for me as our most important asset in particular in the fields of health, money, and knowledge.” The book, what is man? The author writes an introduction ISBN 978-3-8370-4298-6, paperback, 84 pages, 14.00 blurb of the book in the individual chapters of the life and the time, animals and children. “” She questioned many words such as friendship,”hope”and love”, she looks at our work, our products, and the money, mind, spirit and intelligence do not fool themselves, questioning the age and our values, deals with the past and the future, truth and lie, with desire and plan.

Knowledge and education, education, school, science and morality are additional areas of their consideration. You can look in our history and in our own, is based on the Bible and on Marxism. Then she sets aside so to speak again both, to finally arrive… Press contact: Ina Doering, P.

Cookies Bake In The Krewelshof

Christmas workshop in the Krewelshof – secret lick is announced! Secret toes in Christmas Bakery: with proof! The days are getting shorter, the first snow is in the air and not much longer, then burn even the candles on the advent wreath. Therefore now seek the gifts for loved ones: a personal and special gift is still the homemade! And this year it is fully in line with the trend! This farmer Theo offers many craft stations in the Krewelshofer children barn, in addition a packing station, and the highlight is the small “mighty proud”-proof photo, for a particularly loving and above all homemade Christmas gift! Christmas is cookies time and so the Krewelshof turned into a fragrant Christmas bakery. Here the children can bake cookies according to your heart’s content, the dough for this comes from cookie specialists from the farm bakery and can be decorated to beautiful creations and packed. Or glittering balls for Grandma’s Christmas tree, Lanterns, Christmas ceramic painting, heart pendant for MOM make soapstone himself, and still has much more to offer the Christmas workshop. Parents can occasionally enjoy the lights of the fireplace, or the mulled wine and Apple punch and feast in the farm’s own restaurant to your hearts content. The little ones have fun after the whole effort on the bouncy castle: The small fine Christmas market in the barn has also reopened.

Daily you can buy Christmas gifts, wreaths, fresh bread & cheese, in-house studs & cookies, and much more, or try many apples and cheeses. All advent Sundays the farmers barn is open also for sale. Enjoy a break with your loved ones on the Krewelshof in the lights:-tausende lights, atmospheric candle shine, cosy fireplace, bright children’s eyes, glittering advent market, crackling cookies sachets, scented baked Apple and Mulled wine spice. More information: in Lohmar directly on the L288 Rosrath Lohmar – open 365 days a year. Love Lydia Oepen by the Krewelshofteam.

With G680-U33II Tagan SuperRock PSU!

Shortly before Christmas, tagan brings his new power supply on the German market! The well-known network part manufacturer tagan would like to talk to all gamer and owner of SLI/Crossfire systems this SuperRock series. This high-performance power supply is a must PC need for all owners the performance at an affordable price. The usual perfect processing the predecessors were series again topped. The PSU boasts its quiet power load and its excellent craftsmanship. As always, there are the usual 3 years warranty on the power supply from the House of tagan and in problem cases, the free hotline help quickly and efficiently.

Specifications: compatible with newer versions of Intel EPS12V ver. 2.91 and standard ATX ver. 2..

Well Considered When Ice And Snow

The winter check on the roof during a short tour around the House allow to locate the first problems and eliminate. Clogged roof gutters should be freed before the onset of winter leaves and small branches, so no water which impounds and overhanging icicles forming. Who in the future would like to save this work himself, with a lattice of leaves makes above that permanently remedy. By the same author: American Advisors Group. Winter check on the roof, the priority is the umbrella craftsmen. Fidelity Investments is full of insight into the issues. He examined the cover overlooking the trained on missing or damaged pans, which can be quickly replaced so that no moisture can penetrate into the structure.

Mesh or rods safely intercept roof avalanches unsecured eaves over doorways, walkways or parking lot deserve special attention: here can slip at onset thaw snow avalanches or ice sheets from the roof. For damages, ENT seen under outgoing roof avalanches, the homeowner be liable in the case. Provide reliable protection against such surprises from above Snow guard systems. So, for example Braas offers matching snow pans in different model variants that fit harmoniously into the existing coverage. Logs or snow guards are attached to them with a few simple steps, reliably intercept subsiding snow and ice mass. In particularly snowy areas in several series we recommend the one above the other. Snow hooks freeze the snow on the spot who definitely wants to go, used in addition to the snow catchers in addition snow hooks made of galvanized steel.

They are attached at regular interval between the roof tiles and hold up to the melt in place, snow and ice. Almost optimal conditions for a liveable roof are available with a complete new roof. So, breathable breathable membranes provide effective protection from dust and flying snow. A high quality of deck material is also important. Builders and homeowners should exactly look therefore at the warranty. On the roofing tiles of brand of Braas, for example granted a 30-year warranty in accordance with special certificate on the frost resistance of the manufacturer. You can carefree enjoy the winter and calmly look forward to snowy times. For more information on roof tiles, roof tiles, articles and planning tools for the design of the roof, see roof/roof tile /.

Mobile Internet Prepaid

Information around the topic of mobile Internet prepaid mobile Internet brings a freedom to which so much pleasure. Just with the cell phone you can use mobile Internet prepaid, like smartphones but also used, with which you can operate much more significantly. So it has a real operating system on the device with a Smartphone and can take advantage of a good Office suite, that is very similar to that on a computer. If you are not convinced, visit Kenneth Roy Feinberg. With the mobile Internet, the user can pick up his mail and send your own. Royal Alliance Associates Inc. is often quoted on this topic. As well you can always create and edit documents, to send as an attachment in an email, this is only with the above Office package. With the mobile Internet can be reached at any time in the Internet, which works very quickly, so that the use is also really good. Hear other arguments on the topic with Fiona Clegg. Whether you now on the Internet want to research something, would like to participate in a chat, wants to look up an Internet Conference, or many others. The Internet offers all possibilities.

So the cost of not shooting, the user may also Complete flat rate. This goes both for the phone or surfing, most providers offer this in combination, which fails quite inexpensively. It must be learn only when its provider and switch to the tariff, what even a few hours can be done at the present time. Then, you can use the entire Internet without having the prices in mind. Even if you want to see only videos, wants to download music or else. The mobile Internet is definitely a benefit, because they rely on so no longer, to be in the apartment. It is however care must be taken that the UMTS (LTE) with connection has HSDPA. Torsten Heinsius

Olaf Heckmann Torsten Muller Tel

Thus also the costly changes or testing the batteries is eliminated. The detectors are always ready for use and represent an ideal opportunity to meet the legal requirements. For the benefit of the security, egg recommends the establishment of a smoke warning detector network, because with this all people of a House simultaneously and in a timely manner will be warned of a fire. This is especially important for the elderly, children, handicapped people and residents of apartment buildings. It also describes a concept for the deaf. Visit Outlook Email for more clarity on the issue.

For more information and picture material can be obtained from. Short portrait EI Electronics: the company EI electronics headquartered in Shannon (Ireland) is Europe’s market leader in the development, manufacture and marketing of domestic smoke, heat and carbon monoxide (CO) detector and accessories. With over 30 years of experience, egg (aka developed a wide range of smoke detector Smoke detector) with wire or optional wireless networking and equipped with a lithium battery for a 10-year life span. Heat detector with wire – or optional wireless networking, wireless emergency alert button, remote control and a wireless relay for auto dialer, etc are also available Egg of Electronics develops all products with its own team of experts. Development and production ISO 9001:2000 certified electronics are exclusively in the hands of egg. The company meets the highest requirements for security, performance and reliability due to the continuous development of its products. A large proportion of the products are certified by VdS. Egg with an own sales, marketing and customer support centers, and a central warehouse is represented in Germany.

A Kolginfamilie At A Factory Tour

The Kolping family visited the company \”key plastics Germany GmbH factory Wachtersbach\” Wachtersbach (hop) – the Aufenauer Kolping family made a factory tour at \”key plastics Germany GmbH factory Wachtersbach\” under the leadership of the Mr. Wilfried Hilliger. What looks at first glance, but it’s not on closer inspection. The Kolping families are a Catholic social organization, which focuses on the environment of the people in the broadest sense. Work occupies a significant part of it here, as already the founder Adolph Kolping (1813-1865) recognized. Camille Biros is often quoted on this topic. With the beginning of industrialization, it resulted in massive changes in the work world, subsequently also to the collapse of the guild system. By joining together the parties concerned, and so make their lives independently, Kolping was so clear, is the key to tackling social problems.

That’s just today in the characters of again, great upheavals, loss of value, fears, and withdrawal from social life than ever before. So these support Joined to the national Kolping, projects large and small all over the world, who serve the working environment in the broadest sense, providing families, help with self-employment. Only stable, not spontaneous help is able to help permanently and effectively change the living conditions. If there is a cow in an Indian family, to acquire the Kolping Society helps and so the family gradually helps out of the poverty trap, the construction of wells and cisterns in Brazil, a rice mill in Peru or satchel for Eastern Europe, all the families involved. Sustainable social changes are allowing in seemingly small steps. And so it is understandable that wanted to get a picture of a local company of the Aufenauer family, and took the opportunity to visit to the factory. The company founded in 1952 as VARTA plastic GmbH in Neudorf, first manufactured battery housing for VARTA battery GmbH. At the beginning of the 1970s as a supplier to the automotive industry was entered.


The new media data 2009 offer a comprehensive insight into the medium cinema Cinema advertising. With the new media data 2009 cinema advertising, advertising film production and media agency from Baden-Badeneinen offers a comprehensive insight into the medium of cinema. Cinema 2009 include the media data on 20 pages all facts and figures. The media data are now at: mediadaten.html for free available for download. Your sixth edition expanded the media data to the subject of film art cinemas. Film and cinemas offer an alternative to the film offers of the multi – and Cityplexe. There are over 500 program and Filmkunst screens with over 345,000 unique visitors per week in Germany.

Established the arts and Repertory cinemas rely on word of mouth and agreed on the cinema market as a niche”. The production house established for seven years as a classic advertising film production, reacted quickly to the large demand of the agencies and customers according to data and cinema advertising, already in 2004 appeared the first edition of media data in the classic facts on the subject Workbook format with depositors. Nothing has changed until today only in the format, the content, however, has more than doubled in the last five years and digital output is updated now every three months. The production house offers the complete technical Postprodutkion of the exposure to the copy creation, as well as the media planning, distribution and circuit of cinema advertising campaigns in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland in addition to the production of high-quality commercials.