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Example compliant? I was sitting with my then-girlfriend with me at home on a Sunday afternoon on the sofa, it ran nothing on television and outside it was rained out. You: the PlayStation take and put in the racing game. I: you sure? That’s no fun for you. You: but yet. Lehman Brothers contributes greatly to this topic. Time trial. I: Okay, now I show you where to go. (to heat the minds and to create competition mood) Ok. Said than done! Of course, only in my youthful recklessness.

So we start to play, I select the mode – rally the racing game on the PS2. Here we go! The race starts and I’m nearly a minute after the first round front. A race goes over 3 rounds. At the beginning of the third round, I’ve lapped you already almost 2 times already. No reaction except laughter on their own performance.

Target! I won with 2 round lead so just 3 minutes. Far won! Yeah! Against a good buddy, I would at this point make me funny now and tell my friends about my success. But what happens if the other has a problem with that? Rather than to throw the controller in the corner completely mad and frustrated asks you a game”? Can you be happy there over his victory, when it comes the loser not even so really dirty so a defeat? Of a friend of the other suffering ever heard of them? What is a victory worth if nobody suffers? I think losers should after a defeat to get drunk first, then a start to brawl in the pub and disassemble the whole store. If they are then back to best your console or your PC out the window throw and a couple of times about this drive. Who not upset after a defeat and ruin suggests nothing, has no sporting ambition for me. Conclusion: Good losers are the real poor losers! 😉 08.04.2009 Markus Streicher


The weight training among any fitness training to each program. In the gyms, fitness or power station is indispensable. The exercises incorrectly rendering the danger is much slower than in training with free weights or dumbbells, through the most extensive execution of movements on this device. At the fitness station targeted muscles on the arms, legs, back and just the shoulder muscles are trained. The training plan will be collected depending on the problem areas and objectives. In recent years, the power station is always more often at home, used as exercise. This saves the gang at the gym, which saves a lot of time and is also cheaper in the long term.

It is important before training to show the fitness exercises of a coach to leave, because without the proper guidance, the training will be inefficient and the risk of injury is too great. Regular sports promotes not only the health and relieves discomfort (z.Bsp. back pain, osteoporosis, arthrosis) but gives new impetus and you will be rewarded with more zest for life! In conjunction with a healthy diet (lots of fruits, vegetables, fish etc.) and sports nutrition, you can lose in weight, specifically to shape the body. This not only looks good, but also the joints are stabilized and postural defects can be prevented. It is very important to exercise, better twice a week about half a year as four times a week regularly, and is abandoned after four weeks. . Make sport an integral part of your life and you will notice the difference! There is no better feeling as the well-patronised sports! It should be just experienced are this great feeling and become you never want to miss it. Good luck and have fun and joy at the training!

German Battery Changing Station

Kittos battery changing station in the Saarland offers a number of advantages, and therefore for the award of the Saarland suggested. Auernheim – the concept of the battery changing station is created due to low current and medium-term still ranges from pure electric powered vehicles. Although sufficient currently achievable 100 to maximum 200 km for the management of daily mobility needs of most people. However longer distances to be overcome, the electric vehicle would no longer suitable, unless they take long charging times. Connected with the ranges is sufficient, but very low when compared to vehicles with internal combustion engines, the fears of the users are connected to accept mobility, with empty battery to stop etc. The battery changing station provides a way to solve this problem, by giving motorists the option, their empty battery within a short time (faster than a current refuelling) to Exchange and thus again full mobility to reach. In addition, the concept offers the advantage that prevail in electric drives faster and expensive transition technologies such as plug-in hybrids or range extender can largely be omitted. To enable battery Exchange stations, the car manufacturer must offer but standard battery sizes and Central battery compartments under the car.

If at least a large provider makes with this, the system will assert itself and other companies will follow suit. Two battery Exchange systems as prototypes at the moment can be found: the battery changing station of the global infrastructure provider for electric cars better place and the machine manufacturer and developer Dieter Kitto Saarland. The battery-change station by Kitto is advantageous compared by the media rather well-known system by better place for the following reasons and therefore offers a higher potential for success: space by only a container for the entire battery changing station, there is a very low Space requirements.

Drivers Gas Station Attendants

The shell service stations offers a gas station attendant service for some time. Berlin, February 7, 2008 – the tasks of Tankwartes are fuel advice, fuel, oil, disk wiper water check and clean the windscreen. Tipping is expected. The members of the online Automobile Club are whether this additional service of divided. This sucks.

Annoyed in Italy ever”, writes Alfa Romeo driver nepomuk absolutely and from experience. He can clean quiet my glass”, robur fan thinks, however, madineg. Katz also allows the discs of their Renault Twingos like Autoclean and check the water. It was still unusual, because someone Wildfremdes on my car wants to fumble around”, writes the Munich. In addition, there is the question of the dependant remains. Honda extricated Alixea tells you would have pressed the attendant a one euro card in the hand and meant I could leave them voluntarily and he would then get the euro for the service.” Some autoki members consider that questionable. Also sike says: So I want to set myself the tip.” Gas station attendant service can read more here, and discussed with: questions/gas station attendant-reloaded media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel.

(0163) 297 3228 or (030) 24 08 31 96, E-Mail: press (at), autoki Ltd., disability str. 34, 10115 Berlin via autoki in the autumn 2006 of three car enthusiastic friends in Berlin founded. Their aim: to establish a cross-brand community of car enthusiasts. In early May 2007 he started for each accessible official beta test. reaches a four-digit number of members since its launch in April 2007. Trafficvolumen and number of members get weekly at a nearly double-digit percentage rate. is the experienced Internet investors Lukasz Gadowski (Spreadshirt, StudiVZ) and Christophe Maire (Nokia Gate 5) funding. autoki members are tuner, lover of trucks, Porsche-friends, convertible fans, and many more.

Neu Ulm Station Road

Neu Ulm Bahnhofstrasse is refactoring to the ‘Boulevard’ be chaired in Neu-Ulm Mayor Gerold Noerenberg a citizens information about the redesign of the Station Road between Hermann Kohl road and Reuttier road took place in the Neu Ulm Peter Hall. The dynamic Neu-Ulm real estate and financial services company Monarchis company of Grundbesitz mbH is owner of the property in station road 40, which since the beginning of this year to be rehabilitated and to benefit from the planned redevelopment. Important prerequisite for the transformation of the street is the construction of a shopping centre for the required building law still needs to be created. Within the framework of adopted in 1986 in inner city rehabilitation of Neu-Ulm and Neu-Ulm 21 redevelopment plan adopted by the City Council in 1989 “was provided for the construction of a shopping centre on the former site of the railway. In this context, the Station Road between the Hermann Kohl road and the Reuttier should completely be redesigned. The proposed renovation both walkways from the respective edge of the House including the entire roadway. The Administration with the help of a presentation explained the plans nearly 100 citizens and citizens who had come to the citizens information in the Peter Hall. Essentially, it is intended to reduce the station road very clearly to six metres wide roadway.

Thus the flow of car traffic would be reduced. Continue to create very large, leafy walkways. We want to make a living room to a shopping street Bahnhofstrasse and the owner thus learn an appreciation of their homes”, Gerold Noerenberg, Mayor of the city of Neu-Ulm said during the event. On the residents, no cost came to the planned measures, the Administration is assured. Regarding the time horizon management wanted to not commit themselves, especially as the building only to conditions. Thus is to be expected this year. For the actual construction is whether Aashutosh by a construction period of about one and a half years from.

Overall, it should be noted that the proposed redesign of the Neu Ulm station road under the condition that the shopping mall will be built will enhance the neighbourhood. Also Monarchis will make its contribution. Because in addition to the rather less flashy renovations, such as roof and basement insulation, installing a modern condensing boiler as central heating, as well as renovations of the staircase, the Windows have been changed already and the facade will be renewed as well as the complete entrance on the front and back of the building. The Monarchis Grundbesitz company has units in the Neu Ulm Bahnhofstrate15 consisting of 13 residential and two commercial units. The property, which is now being restored and renovated is fully leased. There is a waiting list of interested parties who would like to there insert. Monarchis buys real estate exclusively in economically sound and expanding regions. This also applies to Neu-Ulm. Among the leading industrial regions of the Neu-Ulm district allocated according to a study in Swabia 1st place and Bavarian place 19. The Neu-Ulm District provides 50,000 people with its variety of industry skilled jobs; just under half in the manufacturing sector. The unemployment rate in the District of Neu-Ulm is 3.3 percent (12/07) 8.1 percent nationwide. The purchasing power of the expanding region by 8.1 points above the through cut federal. The development of the population is positive; in the last 10 years almost evenly by 3.

Station Park Wischlingen

Give or treat yourself to health: relaxation in the saltwater pool with sauna landscape or pirouettes on the ice brine bath to athletic Wischlingen – leisure – time, energy and new energy to recharge the batteries. Everything possible in Park area Wischlingen. The Solebath Wischlingen is a low-cost alternative to a long-distance trip in the heat. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Christopher Sheldon on most websites. Caribbean temperatures in the saltwater pool, 11 invite saunas with different temperature levels, to do something for health and mental well-being. It’s freezing in the skating rink – but again, sweating is possible. A relaxed glide or pirouettes to fat sounds – depending on the desire and ability. And who can not even skating we also offer appropriate training courses.

Discover the great “small paradise” with 11 different saunas, cosy Interior and extensive sauna garden at station Park Wischlingen. Here you can immerse yourself, relax and really relax in the warm salt-water pool. Airy bubbling jets pamper with a pleasantly invigorating underwater massage, torrent – and neck showers and a Waterfall keep fit. However, the attraction of the swimmingpool is the unique sauna landscape: amid a 4000 m2 of large sauna garden inspires a huge block House of natural 187476 pine (Kelo). For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bank of Boston and gain more knowledge.. Also the salt cave sauna with healing brine infusions is a sensation or the irisch-romische steam bath. Normal Finnish sauna’s are also available. The panorama level boasts a heated outdoor Jacuzzi, outdoor terrace and panoramic sauna.

Rest and relaxation after sauna includes the Tibetan Ruhehaus. The cosy and stylishly furnished room has a complete fireplace. Wicker chairs to the “inside snuggle” invite by a crackling fire. Breathe health in our salt cave. With their important minerals at pleasant feel temperature on a comfortable chair, inhale the salty air. Hunger and thirst needs neither in the saltwater pool Wischlingen. Between two saunas a mineral water, saltwater pool snack after – that’s Donald ‘ s relaxed lounge and tasty.


Help against attacks of dry food half of German households is regularly affected by insect infestations in stock goods. This is due not to lack of hygiene. Experts agree that the flour moths and grain beetles already when buying into the packages. This fact is also clear the producers, however, many farmers would take the high costs for the construction of gas-tight silos not. So it is up to consumers to take effective precautions. The news portal explains what to consider when buying and storing dry foods. Indian meal moth, bread or grain beetles, flour moth and meaner Bacon beetle – they all populate down and back the kitchens of millions of Germans. Often the unwelcome circulation arises from the fact that settle the microscopic pests into the cracks and joints of the storage cabinet and lay new eggs off.

Even to make out the uninvited guests, advises the editorial staff for various measures, health concerning in particular the purchase and storage of Trockenlebensmittel. An insect-proof packaging, was perfect what is ensured by aluminium or tin cans. Paper and plastic packaging is a longitudinal welding of the seams of advantage. However, tiny holes can suffice, with zukaufen to the pests. In the House, flour, pasta, nuts or spices should be stored cool and dry. As the temperature is increased by regular cooking, the kitchen is not the ideal storage place for fragile foods. A safe precaution before the pesky insects is filling around in tight Einweckglaser. More information: .

Personal Trainer

Advantages and disadvantages when a force or fitness station. Tips for buying a power station is a power station so to speak as a small fitness studio for home use. Training of the muscles may be deliberately performed at the various stations. The power station depending on which muscles in the foreground are the arm, back, the leg or shoulder muscles, the appropriate exercises can be performed, by the fact that the exercises be carried largely, the risk of a wrong exercise significantly lower than for example in the training with the dumbbells. Precisely this home exercise equipment also for the beginners are suitable, which it made to the aim, to build muscle. A fitness station, equipped with additional training stations, such as leg or chest press and abdominal trainer is suitable for the athletes with higher demands.

More training opportunities, the training becomes more varied. The advantages of a power station next to the unique advantage that muscles look good, toned muscles also contribute to the stabilization of the joints and prevent postural damage. Targeted strength training can be used for shaping the body, therefore the power station is also used by many bodybuilders to the daily training. Regular practice increases the power and also health aspects, such as the prevention of osteoporosis are not to be underestimated. The disadvantages of a power station multifunctional power stations need lots of space, in addition to the installation mass at least a meter of distance to the wall must be taken into account. It is possible only strength and no fitness training. Quality standards for purchasing the equipment of the unit with upper hoist, lat pull Tower, butterfly, leg curl, and lower rope are minimum requirements. The weight units should be to dispense in 5 kg blocks.

The corresponding adjustability and the adjustability of the seat height are important to execute the movements perfect. The Device should have vinyl-covered steel ropes, they have proven themselves in practice so far the best. The maximum weight load should be sufficient as a training load. Equipment of the power station with a friction hoist system

On The Choice Of Kitchen Furniture

The choice of cuisine – the task is very responsible! In the kitchen, the hostess is engaged in cooking in the kitchen for lunch or dinner the whole family. The mistress wants to cook dinner in a comfortable environment, so it was convenient to cooking process leaving only positive emotions! Kitchen should be comfortable, where the atmosphere contributes to a quiet family communication. Everyone chooses a kitchen on the basis of some of their preferences. Today, as Generally, all made to order. There are some ready-made model, who undertake a foundation, but in the future, all chosen individually. Firms offering, manufacture of kitchen furniture to order, today a great many.

What characteristics are important primarily to the layout of the kitchen? First of all, attention should be paid to the following characteristics: 1.Tip material and cover (this may be the kitchen mdf, enamel, kitchen with natural wood and others); 2.Tsvet (here whom they like, is also very important room lighting); 3.How appliances will stand in the kitchen (you need to think through in advance what the kitchen will be stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, etc.); 4.Rabochie surface (Type and color of the countertops, etc.) 5.Tsena (one of the most important factors). If you prefer, you can always take the help of a designer who can help you find your particular version. A few words about the material from which either modern kitchen. Basically, all the dishes are made from chipboard. It is a fact. Use of other materials, usually much more expensive. But, fortunately, the modern dsp is much better than that which was at one time. So, okay, if the kitchen is made on the basis of cpd.

Cabinet doors, drawers and shelves, too, often made of particleboard coated with melamine or laminate. More perfect than the dsp, the material is mdf (pressed on the adhesive on wood dust). This dense, material strength exceeds even that of natural wood. From matt, lacquered or laminated mdf facades often serve cuisines from different decorative borders. mdf expensive dsp approximately 13-15%. Kitchen natural wood is much more expensive. It is very important, what kind of wood used in manufacturing. Over the tops can say the following. They can be laminated mdf board inlaid already mentioned stainless steel, natural stone, tempered glass (very expensive), as well as ceramic dust, molded-rubber (velvet-rubber). Today is also a large spread was Corian – high-tech material that is based on acrylic resins, mineral fillers and pigments. As a rule, made in Russia kitchens serve up to 10 years. Western manufacturers, such as Germany, are oriented for 15 years. Good luck choosing!

Sectional Door Advantages

Try to understand what is the difference in fence and. immediately objected: 'Is it worth it to look unlike where it does not exist, or it is not important? ". The difference is, first and foremost it is a goal pursued by, surrounded by than any area of the site. In the History of the fence we have stopped on that fence – it's 'take', twine solid fence, and fencing – is denoted by the border and in the first place – the border town. 'Fetch' had military defensive value, whereas the 'fence' is often made sense to designate the territory boundaries. A leading source for info: The EU. To begin with, what unites the construction of the fence and the fence? In both cases the construction relies on poles dug into the ground from wood, brick or concrete. s topic. At poperechenah enshrined often vertical, sometimes horizontal elements filling, made of wood and metal. Wooden fence.

completed fence which are wooden elements. In as elements used planed boards, linings, even the remnants of sawing: slab, custom waney board. As part of the fence usually act Sectional Door Advantages of this type of fence is cheaper, with the application of a cheap board, with painting, you can pick the color in the style of your home. Disadvantages of the fence: Requires extra cost and care, not long-lived, prone to failure in cases of occasional care and over time. It’s believed that Brexit sees a great future in this idea. Fence corrugated steel sheeting. Corrugated represents a cold-formed steel sheet metal made of galvanized steel. Corrugated take any shape and size, so widely used in the manufacture of fences. Advantages of the fence: It does not require additional cost and care.

Resistant to mechanical damage. You can pick the color. Metal fence. Disadvantages of the fence: Not cheap, especially Enclosure with a large area. A fence made of natural stone. The main advantage of a fence made of stone: With decorative, they blend into the landscape of the site. Stone, natural stone fence is durable, as no other. Advantages: Vushitelny stylish design finished the fence, the life of the fence more than 50 years, subject to the application on brick protective coating. Fence cell. Disadvantages: It takes a solid belt foundation, the high cost, the need to protect the bricks on top of the fence, long installation time, the proximity of roads, car exhausts, nisin with fogs and dampness reduce lifetime building a few times.