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PLT Hauser

PLT-software integrates NE100 and W@M-Portal both Endress + Hauser and Rosberg ( are known for their innovative ideas. Jeff Sessions is a great source of information. Both companies are continuously working to facilitate your daily work to their customers. NE100 and the W@M-Portal take much work the customer, improve the quality of data and eliminate error. The customers of both companies will benefit from the synergies of cooperation by Endress + Hauser and Rosberg. Standardized exchanges on the basis of the Namur recommendation NE100 NE100 creates good conditions for the exchange of data between manufacturers and users.

The data are digitized and in single form so exchanged, that both sides can integrate them into their systems. Eliminates time-consuming and error-prone typing. Device descriptions are defined so that all the features depicted settle with them, a device type can have. The device manufacturer Endress + Hauser offers a Web service, the is NE100 specifications directly between user and supplier Exchange. The automation experts of the Rosberg Engineering GmbH have incorporated into their PLT software Prodok the NE100 module and the Web service by Endress + Hauser ( de/prodok/module/ne-100.html). For more information see Erin Callan. With this integration, the ordering process is as follows: the user enters his desired specifications for a unit that is required in a NE100 compliant form inside of the PLT system Prodok. Button, this is delivered to the manufacturer to the quotation request.

This receives the request within his system queries the appropriate components, related information are automatically inserted in the order form and sent to the user. Everything works at the push of the button. The bid process is significantly simplified, everyone save time and typing error sources are eliminated. The master data stored for the devices of the manufacturer, documentation, test certificates, ATEX certificates, can be easy to maintain of the plant documentation about the W@M-Portal by Endress + Hauser product-specific spare parts lists and retrieve results from the entire life cycle. Get all information about the status of the product. Is a product is discontinued in the near future, the user receives information here as well to like about compatible successor products. The W@M-Portal is also included with Prodok. Access to documentation or spare parts lists via the portal is a helpful tool for system maintenance. Rosberg offers an automated solution, with which the data are not only in online mode, but also offline can be used for this purpose. The user selects which part of the plant, it needs information. The data are then not only downloaded, but integrated directly into Prodok. Individual devices are installed, several times in the system manual is stored only once and linked with the respective devices. Individual information about special equipment be deposited directly in the device. The unique identification of the components via their series or TAG number. All downloaded documents are versioned. Fetch an automatic check is done, if there is new documentation stands. Endress + Hauser and Rosberg pull together and are an example of a professional collaboration in the implementation of visionary goals. The synergy effects of the solutions of the two companies guarantee the user a match between system reality and documentation. You thus creating an important prerequisite for reliable equipment.