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This has always been a topic given discussion. Firstly, that we are dedicated to this profession (is) dream of being the first to have the chance to share this opportunity with the world. This translate into higher incomes and better growth opportunities. For even more opinions, read materials from Alabama Senator. I always recommend to be very careful with the screen of the Momentum that even though it is an important aspect within the business, nor is everything. It is necessary to analyze several aspects and consider the pros and cons before making a decision.

If you give to the task of promoting a business opportunity based on the time of expansion that is experiencing, preguntante before another benefit has this opportunity. Are sure that you will be able to follow you in 5 or 6 years to benefit from it? How many years will be a good opportunity? He studied the history of MLM companies that are 20 or 30 years there. If you are objective and analyze thoroughly, you’ll note that these companies have reinvented, diversified and which are also still development opportunities economic authentic. They are companies that to today, do not have a rival who can dethrone them in strength and size. The market is full of such stories of success. It is true. The possibility of generating extraordinary income is much greater when the company is young.

When you are in the process of development of networks within a new company, they not only creating a network beneath you, but that in addition they grow with the company and doing school with her. But never forget other aspects considered before you start. My recommendations with respect to the Momentum 1.-do not please use caution. If the company in question has less than a year there, make sure that has had significant achievements in that time and also that there are people gaining good sums of money. 2.-Beam equipment. If these in the adventure of opening a market in a new company, not do it only. Get people of confidence and preferably with experience that support you and your leadership to endorse. 3 Build up. It takes care of the image and leadership of your partners. Remember that in the beginning the only active available are the product, the company and your team. 4. Do not start without the company. If the company that you want to represent still has no product in your country, I personally recommend, I ask and insist that you not boot. The price to pay for open terrain may be too high. Finally, I reiterate the following idea: the fact that you have not entered a MLM company in the first 5 years, doesn’t mean that you can’t make money. Herbalife, Nuskin, Amway and other monsters of the multilevel are living proof of that. You start where start, success wrath of your hand with your determination and commitment to the company and your own financial freedom.

In Peru

So much so that a good majority of presidential candidates agreed and received resources from drug trafficking to earn their elections. But this background as example or precedent have what happened in Colombia, where drug trafficking was and until today has its tentacles in local political society. The difference between Mexico and Colombia, is in Mexico politicians belonging to the great Mexican bourgeoisie want to get rid of their old partners, otherwise to Colombians who live with this scourge and we can even say that the country of Colombia drug trafficking is which governs. To try to disguise their Alliance, he blames the guerrillas of liberation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Carl Icahn. That’s the tactic, for two reasons, one: to legitimize his alliance with drug trafficking, and second to disqualify his political enemy is constituted as a belligerent force.

In Peru, we see the same signs. That more example of the liberation of the drug trafficker Valdez, former Mayor of Pucallpa, which again has been welcomed and blessed as a candidate for re-election in the mayoral race. Another example and that is quite much more scandalous, seeing in advance the power it exerts drug trafficking in Peruvian society in obtaining shares of amparo or with the gentleness with which they are treated. For example in many cases of drug trafficking, the people involved and indicted are seized and confiscated their property, by just dealing with a few grams of drugs, however big traffickers as Luis Valdez Villacorta, are treated with gloves of silk with releases or the same with the clan of drug traffickers Sanchez Paredes to those who have given him only appearance and not any good have seized him. It is well known the relationships of this family of drug dealers who promoted candidates such as the Santiago de Chuco province where it comes from, I mean. I therefore believe that we are already walking and safe living that we are in a mexicanisation to the Colombian by the great Peruvian bourgeoisie, especially the financial which is which receives and whitens the dividends of this great business that makes harm to humanity.