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Market Overview Of Canned Meat

Market Overview canned meat canned meat market in Ukraine is slowly but surely declining. The decrease in consumption and a lack of quality raw materials that have been observed in recent years, greatly crippled industry. This year experts predict a further decline in production of canned meat, which, however, there will be more moderate pace. This in more detail in the review of information-analytical agency "Soyuz-Inform". ! The group finished product, positioned under the name of the meat and canned myasorastitelnye, depending on the type used for preparation of raw materials are allocated canned meat, canned meat products, canned food from offal, canned poultry, canned myasorastitelnye, canned salorastitelnye. In 2009, the largest share in the production of canned meat on the territory of Ukraine belonged Liver paste (45%). The volume of production of canned beef and veal 26% of the total production of canned meat. The share of canned pork and poultry by 19% and 10% respectively.

At the same time it should be noted that the last two indicators in 2009, absolutely no change compared with 2008. As for the canned beef and veal, as well as liver pate, in 2008 the volume of production of these Product was distributed almost equally, whereas in 2009 the emphasis has shifted significantly in the direction of pates. IMPORTS, EXPORTS, PRODUCTION amount of meat and canned myasorastitelnyh in Ukraine in 2005 amounted to 32 719 tons. In the period from 2005 to 2009 is the dynamics of production of this product was characterized by a constant downward trend.

Video Marketing Scenario

Create, let alone the right to run video ads is quite difficult. Here, as the saying goes, it all depends on the goodwill of the parties. Well, if the customer in order to save their own money, is the backbone of your script, but it may not be as salutary as well as performers usually process the customer any offer for yourself. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Schiff. Typically, the main point of misunderstanding between the customer and performer – is the original spelling script and approve it for the price. Then, of course, all the easier as create videos on the approved scenario is not difficult.

The usual options of friction on the scenario: 1. The scenario is suitable to the customer, and But with the price he disagrees. Fairly frequent and fairly unpleasant option, because the course has to remove from the script all that expensive, and leave only an empty skeleton of advertising. Customer is often like this, but here a waste of money, because the consumer will not have a proper exposure. 2.

Cost is good, but the script client categorically do not like. Attempts to start embellishing the background, the deployment the script itself. And usually it all ends with a complete reworking of the script or the rejection of it. 3. Do not like either scenario, nor its cost. Such a case may be caused not only by greed of the customer, and there should be try professionals to explain the key points and non-professional approach to work with the consumer. In the case, if the customer will fall hard-nosed, it usually ends with a change of studio. 4. The cost of the customer in some way not satisfied, and the script like only partially. Options are many, but most likely, the customer likes it that part of the script, which he proposed. It is also important negotiations and attempts to explain that any, even the most great idea needs a qualitative framing. 5. Customer satisfied and the value of the script and the script itself – all can breathe, smile and proceed to further work.

Problem Market

In addition to assessing your overall mood, it is also important to identify the feeling of regret. Making a number of losing trades, we are sorry about this. Regret – powerful emotion, it is often stronger than fear and greed. Traders should be avoided at all regret. Feeling of regret makes us recognize that we were wrong.

It makes us feel guilty. We are immersed in the scenario 'If': 'If I did X or Y, I would not have lost. " Regret makes us feel uncomfortable. The easiest way to avoid regret is denying that you made the mistake of believing that we can regain all that lost. The problem with the departure of regret is that you take away their attention away from the problem.

You do not notice that something is wrong. You will not be able to see that the fundamentals have changed or you have changed Psychologically, or changed market conditions. In any case, it is better to stand aside than to continue to trade. When you receive a string of losses that you consider unjust, you will feel anger, you want to take revenge on the market. When you feel those emotions, most likely a way of avoiding subsequent feelings of regret for taking the loss. It is vital to stop trading at the moment. You have lost objectivity and are likely to begin to trade impulsively, unable to concentrate on the market. Accompanying emotion – fear. When you are afraid of the consequences of losing money, you also avoid regret. It is better to stop trading, to restore composure and get to work again with fresh forces already, maybe the next day. You should take active steps to minimize the feeling of regret. Neutralize these emotions, controlling your thoughts. When someone is sorry, he usually thinks: 'I had to do X, I – a bad man, just did not do X'. The truth, however, that the market – not predictable. You can not blame myself in hindsight. And, if you lost money because they do not have clearly defined trading plan or did not adhere to it, unfortunately not help you too. It can be useful when you need a little push myself, but much more useful to see a more positive outlook and think: 'Trading requires practice, the more I practice, the more I'm a one-time discipline which needs to be a profitable trader