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Increasing the Benchmark Rate in Mexico

In a move that, rightly, the Government recently decided to eliminate, tariffs on imports of maize, the staple food of the Mexican diet, as well as rice, wheat and other commodities, to prevent a possible shortage in the midst of a global food crisis. While these measures helped to sectors most vulnerable population, failed to halt the price dynamics. That is why the Mexican government sought to reach agreement with the Confederation of Industrial Chambers of Mexico to try to put a brake on inflationary dynamics. I am not in favor of such measures end up producing a worse evil, creating parallel markets and distorting prices relative. I’m not the only one who thinks so because, emerging market strategist Clyde Wardle of HSBC, in a report of that institution said about these types of measures: “They are temporary and require that negotiations be extended and could face resistance by producers and retailers unhappy about having to cut margins. ” The problem is that while price is decided to agree to certain sectors, the dynamics in the rest of the economy continues without major effects, which is why one should ask about: Is it possible to keep prices frozen for six months in the present context of rising international prices of energy and food? Clearly it is unlikely that the policy of price controls to be successful because the inflationary inertia affect production costs and this will make the sector companies can not keep prices without drawbacks. Another weapon against inflation is up to the Bank of Mexico. Today the Bank of Mexico should decide about its reference rate.

Does the rise to increasing inflationary pressures? For now, nobody agrees on what the market can decide the Banxico. There are signs that the Bank of Mexico should increase its benchmark rate such as the possibility that the price increase for goods and services extend far outside the increases. There are other more ambiguous signals as reflected by the Mexican Institute of Finance Executives warned that inflation in Mexico could reach more than 5%, and while revised down its expectations for economic growth of 2.8% 2.5% this year and think that a few weeks ago, Felipe Calderon suggested that the Bank of Mexico should see the possibility of reducing its benchmark rate to encourage credit, as I said in my previous article on Mexico.

From the above, one should ask what’s wrong with looking Calderon price agreements with different sectors? That beyond the ineffectiveness of such, is sending bad signals to the market in general and investors in particular, showing an interventionist policy that may affect the profitability of the business and that is something that is not pleasing to the investing public. Therefore, if the Mexican government aims to mitigate the effects of soaring prices, could do more on the supply of goods, encouraging its increase (but not through a low fee to generate more credit) and through a policy subsidies to the sectors hardest hit by rising inflation. I guess also, the government of Mexico should regret to have to PEMEX in the current situation, which makes it difficult for the state oil company, take advantage of international economic boom and mitigate the impact within the higher costs of energy.

A Better Understanding of the Business Sector

The lighter weight is the implementation of a new strategic direction in the company, with 4%. These are mostly developed for some existing working group or a group ad-hoc created for this purpose (70%), on the basis of a close relationship with other companies (50%) and with the client in the case of collaborative productions (40%). These types of innovations are obtained by the purchase of technology (38%), co-investments (25%), copying and adaptation of technologies (19%) and to a lesser extent by R & D (6%). as the main difficulties are evident in relations between these companies and institutions of science and technological innovation (ECITE) and / or higher education centers (ESC), the index obtained in the grading scale established: the belief wrong not to need such collaborations or strategic alliances (1.4), lack of services offered by these institutions (1.9) and the differences between business and scientific language (2,3). a The main internal sources of ideas for innovation are:

the production area (38%), initiatives (31%) and to a lesser extent by managers (15%), while the main external sources most used are: visits to other companies (31%), magazines and books (23%), participation in trade fairs and exhibitions (19% ) as well as visits to research centers (19%), missing even attend conferences, events and activities for improvement, external consultants, contacts with customers and suppliers and databases with information technology. a Only 50% of managers surveyed (five partners) are aware of recent developments in relevant technologies for the sector, taking the rest of this partial knowledge.

Change Manager, Change Luck

The Defence Council of Patagonia (CDP) reacted to the departure of general manager HidroAysen, Hernan Salazar and the subsequent entry in the Daniel Fernandez created executive vice president, the company announced on Tuesday 29 March, noting that ” change was coming and shows the failure of the management of the company, however no cosmetic change, the staff of HidroAysen, in this case become a bad project and a terrible environmental impact study in a good initiative. ” CDP Executive Secretary Patricio Rodrigo, said they are “always willing to talk to who will take as representative of HidroAysen, independent of which we are clear in our position, which is Patagonia without dams and a truly sustainable energy mix that does not sacrifice space unique natural or the life of Chileans who are making Austrian homeland in the country.

He noted that the appointment of Daniel Fernandez, PPD, “shows that the powers HidroAysen behind to try to install your project, are expanding their networks to all policy areas, creating a transversal have-nots, an artificial reality. As surveys have shown, this project do not want the Chileans, beyond using the money to buy that supports all kinds. “Executive secretary of the body that day in Santiago met with their counterparts from other regions of Aysen and insisted that “not enough to change the executives until they change what they are proposing to do in Patagonia, which is destroying unique ecosystems for the country and generate incalculable cultural and social impacts in an area of exception.” He noted that “to say this project is related to a country about the energy needs and global crusade against global warming is not having understood anything of the signals that the planet is giving to the mistakes we made. “leader expressed that” this accounts for wrong time is experiencing a company that has committed multiple errors in his work in the Aysen Region, as the recent ruling by the Comptroller questioned for violations of administrative probity their contracts with municipalities that are specifically responsible for evaluating your project. That is, induced HidroAysen bodies of state administration to violate the law under a misunderstood concept of corporate social responsibility. “

Be a Team Player and Head to Success

If what we say is repeated so often in administrative texts is because it must be true: the success of the modern organization depends on a motivated team effort applying all the proposed objectives. Sense of belonging, work capacity and cohesion of efforts should join in the search results. All the above can be summarized in a key word: SYNERGY. The synergy is based on a set of simultaneous actions of individuals or teams of people aimed at an end. When working together produce a result greater than their individual results. In his book “Creating a high performing team in your company,” Steve Buchholz and Thomas Roth offer an explanation as brief as strong synergism of meaning: “… In other words, synergism is to concentrate the efforts of a group for 2 +2 = 5 “. I have transcribed the quote wrong, or we were wrong to read.

The synergy is indeed a challenge to mathematics, exact science for which 2 + 2 will always be 4 Join us as add. Without But the fact remains that the long way and we are still far from having teams in our companies driven by the synergy to achieve work goals by adding and multiplying the results. By contrast the conception of the average Colombian is still the same as our ancestors: each push to the side that’s best for himself, next is not always the best for you all. Diners magazine published an article by Hernando Gomez Buendia, distinguished professor of the United Nations University, which he thinks seriously about what we might call the anti synergism of Colombians.

Donaleda Band

It is in air the new site of the band of reggae of $fortaleza, Donaleda. The band already exists has much time in the scene reggae of the North-Northeast and now, more than what never, she inaugurated its official site. With 3 CDs launched throughout 10 years of existence, Donaleda is considered one of the biggest bands of reggae authorial of the Northeast North/. Since 2001 the Donaleda band comes working and divulging reggae that she produces in the Cear. The first result of this project is the record ' ' Liberdade and Libertao' ' launched in 2003, that it took the band to the top of radios in $fortaleza and other cities northeast.

After several shows for the North and Northeast of Brazil and one turn with the jamaicano Eric Donaldson, Donaleda in turn launches in 2005 its as intitled album ' ' Resistance of the Pedra' ' , emplacando hit ' ' H for the Presos' ' that 1 originated its video clip. Following in the road leading its reggae with a strong footprint and much originalidade, at the beginning of 2008, Donaleda records the album ' ' Everything You have of Rever' ' , launched in November of 2009. The record still brings a band bond in partnership with the jamaicano singer Eric Donaldson, where the same &#039 interprets the band; ' I' m the Survivor' '. Always making shows for some cities of the North and Northeast ($fortaleza, Teresina, So Lus, Belm, Mossor, Christmas, Joo Person,) the band already prepares its 4 COMPACT DISC and projects 1 DVD to expand plus its musics for the other regions of Brazil and to enter of time in the national scene. For carrying through independent work, the band makes question to leave available all gratuitously its discografia in the Internet, so that the public of other regions of Brazil and exterior can know the work better, making with that reggae Brazilian continues in expansion. Please, they visit and they make good advantage in the one of link of the band donaleda.