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Cruises on the yacht during the spring and autumn are slightly different from the summer cruises. Cruises on the yacht in the spring or fall, suggests the presence of clothing that protects you from wind and rain are possible in these times of the year. Best to think of ways of protecting his body, even if the rains end and will not be. It is not recommended to bring clothes that are dry for long, so of cotton pants and shirts for the trip should be discarded. Would be the best clothes made of synthetic materials.

Your clothes should be fine and warm, these characteristics corresponds to thermal underwear, it is used when engaged in active leisure activities. Such synthetic underwear can well to remove moisture. As for the socks, then cruise to suit racing models used by athletes. Tops must be of the membrane tissue. It helps protect against rain and moisture, as is waterproof. Such clothing retains heat, able to "breathe", it is not terrible and the wind.

When buying clothes from membrane fabrics, look at its parameters such as water resistance and vlagoisparyaemost. Sales consultants prompt the optimal values of these important indicators. Not enough in spring and autumn cruise on a yacht without a suit jacket and not get wet materials. If the clothes in your wardrobe out "Nepromokantsa" no, you can buy a jacket and overalls, which are designed for sailing in a specialty store. Go to Home Depot for more information. Quite suitable for travel apparel, which is used by amateur skiing and water tours. It will take a yacht fleece jacket or vest – these clothes can be worn under a jacket and. Fleeces very practical – if they get wet, enough to squeeze, and HMX will be warm. It is convenient to have a journey and fleece sweater. In any case, insulated clothing should be made of synthetics, which dry quickly. In spring and autumn it is especially important. Be sure to take a cruise on a yacht warm head dresses, it may be, for example, a cap-helmet. Main condition: headgear should not fly with their heads even in high winds. During the day you need a hat or baseball cap. Also, do not forget to put in the luggage gloves. Well, if it will be specialized gloves for yacht trips. Fully enclosed gloves that you take with you should be supplemented with more and leather goods with open toes. Required and canvas gloves for Mooring. Think about what shoes to take, not forgetting, in particular, the rubber boots that you will probably need. Shoes should be fitted with soles made of a material that does not stain the deck. In it you will not be slide, otherwise it will cause serious inconvenience to the sea. With regard to hygiene and first aid kit contents can say the same thing as what was discussed in the section on summer cruises. Note that many of our countrymen, while traveling, taking with them a variety of cereals, like millet or buckwheat. Consider the fact that in your luggage clear things up, acquired in the journey. Happy sailing!