Wind mill tends to be the best friend of the community. The propellers sustained in the upper part of the Tower extracted water from the bowels of the Earth and He puts it within the reach of everyone. The water can be anything from a little brackish to fully salted, but no matter: having water is a blessing though its taste is not the same as the bottles that are found in the refrigerators of the hotels or on the shelves of supermarkets. The prolonged and intense summers have led the guajiro to become friends of the rain. The grey sky and the announcement of the storm is seen with joy for a simple reason: the rain is a precious chance to collect water, fill the jars, the mucuras, the pots tanks and pools. And for the desolate and muddy bed of the jaguey fills again and can offer its Pasty contents for a few months, while the rain back again. Most of the municipalities of La Guajira have managed to install a home network of water distribution in order to provision to the inhabitants of some privileged villages. But the service is far from being acceptable for two reasons: first, the water does not reach every day and second, their quality is not suitable for human consumption, as several studies have shown by laboratories of acknowledged seriousness.

When the water reaches the neighborhood it is almost a holiday and everyone in the House are dedicated to work for storage in the pool, a much-needed cement tank as bathroom or kitchen. While more water to be stored more possibilities we must stop water until next week or the next two weeks or when the pipes again moistened by the presence of the vital element. When Rosalind can read well and read a magazine specialized in the topic you will find that there are cities in which a person spends fifty litres in the bathroom in the morning and fifteen more to pull the toilet.