WiFi Transmission

Once we have clear types of intercoms for babies that we can find in the market, it is inevitable that emerging doubts about what they should look when buying our. Previous experience from other parents can serve as helpful, but we must always bear in mind that our needs will not be always the same or that the experience of others can serve us. So nothing better than some simple but clear indications to know what baby unit to buy for us. As we have already indicated, on the market, although the new intercoms are already in tipoDECT, we can find still analogue models. In them it is especially interesting to review the number of channels of transmission that have and the scope thereof.

If we have a house big enough or with several floors, it is vital that the scope of our model covers more than the distance between rooms, and in doing so should take into account that the distance that usually indicates the manufacturer is straight and without obstacles, so in case of need, elect to which greater reach us of. If we live in a few square meters floor there will be other aspects that fix. On the available transmission channels, how many more we have in our model, more likely it is that we avoid interference from other computers in house as the WiFi network or even other baby monitors from neighbors. If the transmission channels are encoded, many better therefore reduces the risk of interference or we increase privacy. But surely you’ve already thought, will not be the first time that some parents go to a store to buy a baby monitor and when they get home have obviated the coupling of the intercom system. We must seek a model that seainalambrico as far as possible to prevent the installation of cables around the House, and will be simple to install in a crib or a window. There are models that come with fairly strict anchoring system on where to place it and others with more flexible systems that will be ideals. There are even hidden as toys.

If buy it only can be placed on a surface flat little use you will give. Also it is important know the power we can use for the baby unit, both the transmitter and the receiver. Currently the vast majority can operate with normal power supply (connected to the mains) and also with batteries. That would be the ideal situation. Closely related to the way of feeding is the luminous warning power on / off. If we can, we will have to choose a model in which a light can tell us irrefutable and clearly that the intercom is in operation to not be constantly checking it. A special type of baby monitor are those that allow that with a single receiver, multiple stations cameras may be used for example, when there are several rooms that we have controlled or accessible remotely. If we think that we might later have to use several baby monitor at home at the same time, you must make sure that ours will add only emitting and receiving all the sound and video of them in a only receiver.