Wheels And Castors In The Russian Market

Under the wheel bearings in the industry means industrial rollers, but do not confused these concepts. In our article, we take as a basis, and will use the phrase castors. So, castors are necessary components for the main and auxiliary equipment for many industrial enterprises and industries. /’>ARC Investment Partners, who has experience with these questions. For every company that is serious about the choice of castors, the question selection manufacturer, and the need to choose among many different proposals often makes you wonder what castors and whose production preferred. Of course, the main and primary parameter for selection the appointment and performance of various industrial wheels and castors. These characteristics are inherent in the design and production, affect the design features wheels.

In most cases, production is divided into hardware castors, castors for transport equipment, heavy-duty castors, wheels and rollers for the platform and cargo trucks castors with brake or retainer and rollers for roller tables. Hardware wheel bearings are equipped light-duty hand trucks, equipment, administrative offices, medical equipment and furniture manufacture. Wheel support for transportation equipment provide mobility of various machinery and equipment and are commonly used on trucks for domestic and foreign operations in manufacturing, luggage trolley, garbage containers, in electrical equipment, etc. Heavy duty castors – ideal for productions that require mobility of particularly heavy loads, a complete set of technological devices and equipment increased capacity for work in the shop floor. A variety of materials, including multi-component rubber, polyurethane, polyamide, iron, steel and aluminum used in the design and manufacture of wheel bearings and Of course, all wheel bearings are adapted to work in hazardous environments and are made from high quality raw materials. The quality of these materials from European manufacturers is always at the highest level, which determines durability and reliability produced wheels. Brackets for wheel bearings – is galvanized steel, stainless steel, cast iron, but it should be noted that the main thing here is not only the material itself, but also design each bracket wheels. Companies engaged in sales and supply of industrial wheels and castors, offering products of different foreign producers, but the best from proven in the market, all as are German companies, such as Blickle Rader + Rollen GmbH, Italian Cebora, Fir, Avo and the Swedish company Ojop.