Web Design Errors

A person with experience of surfing the Internet, can easily learn to identify sites made by novice Web dizayneromi. And today, I would like to talk about the main 10 errors inherent in such sites. Speaking candidly Alabama Senator told us the story. Animation – this is one of most frequently encountered features of such sites. Huge animated images of a few megabytes on the front page, running a string moving in two different directions, and dramatically flashing cause immediate care a visitor from that site. And then you can be sure that he will not return.

Wide image – large format and image size, which are slow to load, especially it is understandable to users with little speed Internet, the CIS countries for example. Buttons – novice Web designers like to put on their sites up to 10-20 buttons – different tops, counters, banners at our sister sites and at home, and maybe something from this simple useless increase in the charts. Long texts – sometimes you see the site and on it a great text in 20 screens. It's better not to do. The user should not scroll the screen more than 5 screens. Background – a very common mistake beginners – Use this colorful, unpleasant to the eyes of backgrounds. Try not to grant, not to stick out the background forward.

Try to create a unified atmosphere of flowers on the site. Try using classical music – black text on a white background. Errors – refers to the error text, the orthography. Always check your punctuation! Drop-down box – using pop-up windows. They do not love no one. The most common reaction to the appearance of windows – leaving the site. Horizontal – if you have rigid design (where all distances are specified in pixels), you should check your website at a resolution of 800 x 600 at 256 colors. Different fonts – to create websites, use the rule 'no more than 5 fonts on the page. " Note that bold fonts are counted as separate fonts, also applies to their size. Under Construction – the most useless of all inscription. If you modify the partition, better remove the reference to it. Typically, on sites of more than average (more than 50 files) advisable to switch to SSI or inserts for JavScript-oh. This allows you to quickly change the common elements, including menus. Remember that web design is an art – requiring a sense of proportion.