Water Heater

The water contained within the water heater heats up and stratified by thermosyphon effect. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Pacific Mortgage Services. Evacuated tubes solar heater components are: inner tank: manufactured in stainless steel water stored hot. insulation: 55 mm foam polyurethane injected. outer cover: steel stainless rings of silicone: serve as packaging and fastening of the evacuated tubes to the Thermo tank. structure support: made of aluminium anodized. hardware: stainless steel easy to assemble. reflectors: they increase the amount of incident solar energy into the evacuated tubes Base: bottom bracket of the evacuated tubes.

What is an evacuated tube? Evacuated tube is the part of the team that converts solar energy into useful heat, and is through him that the water heats up. There are basically two types of evacuated tubes. Vacuum tube is basically two boron silicates concentric glass tubes. The outer tube of high impact resistance, able to withstand the impact of a hail of up to 2.5cms diameter. The inner tube is coated with aluminium nitrate that have excellent solar energy absorption and minimal reflection properties. During the manufacture of the pipe, the air existing between the two tubes is extracted or evacuated space between tubes to form vacuum, which eliminates heat losses by conduction and convection.

To maintain the vacuum inside the tube, an element of barium is exposed to high temperature, which causes the bottom of the tube is covered with a layer of pure barium (Silver). This layer of pure barium, is a visual tell from inside the vacuum tube. If silver becomes white vacuum has been lost and the tube needs to be replaced. Tube components evacuado:1.Tube exterior2.Tube interior3.Vacio4.Selective surface (aluminum nitrate) 5.Barium Gletter (absorber keeps the vacuum) 6.Layer of pure barium another kind of tube is known as heat pipe the working fluid in this type of tube is a glycol low specific heat, which is contained in a capillary tube of copper inside the tube to the vacuum absorption of tube plate heat-pipe is inside a glass tube in which the air have evacuated to eliminate losses of heat by conduction and convection. The absorption plate is manufactured with a semiconductor coating, this special selective coating suitable for operating in high vacuum ensures a high energy absorption and low losses by radiation, the result is a high use of available energy which are the benefits of a solar water heater? Solar water heaters provide more benefit than a heater or conventional boiler. The main tangible benefit is the savings that this equipment generates by ceasing to buy gas. Another no less important benefit is the contribution that a solar heater has on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases to the atmosphere (carbon dioxide, CO2), creating a healthier environment. With a solar heater from water prevent the emission of more than 3 tons of CO2 into the air. How much can I save with a solar heater? The savings you can expect of a solar water heater depends on several factors, such as the size of the team, the amount of solar power available in your location, and very important, the amount of hot water that you ocupes and the way that you occupy it. The minimal savings in a residential team is 80% in the current gas consumption they occupy to heat water. The system is amortized on average in a year and eight months.