Video Marketing Scenario

Create, let alone the right to run video ads is quite difficult. Here, as the saying goes, it all depends on the goodwill of the parties. Well, if the customer in order to save their own money, is the backbone of your script, but it may not be as salutary as well as performers usually process the customer any offer for yourself. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Schiff. Typically, the main point of misunderstanding between the customer and performer – is the original spelling script and approve it for the price. Then, of course, all the easier as create videos on the approved scenario is not difficult.

The usual options of friction on the scenario: 1. The scenario is suitable to the customer, and But with the price he disagrees. Fairly frequent and fairly unpleasant option, because the course has to remove from the script all that expensive, and leave only an empty skeleton of advertising. Customer is often like this, but here a waste of money, because the consumer will not have a proper exposure. 2.

Cost is good, but the script client categorically do not like. Attempts to start embellishing the background, the deployment the script itself. And usually it all ends with a complete reworking of the script or the rejection of it. 3. Do not like either scenario, nor its cost. Such a case may be caused not only by greed of the customer, and there should be try professionals to explain the key points and non-professional approach to work with the consumer. In the case, if the customer will fall hard-nosed, it usually ends with a change of studio. 4. The cost of the customer in some way not satisfied, and the script like only partially. Options are many, but most likely, the customer likes it that part of the script, which he proposed. It is also important negotiations and attempts to explain that any, even the most great idea needs a qualitative framing. 5. Customer satisfied and the value of the script and the script itself – all can breathe, smile and proceed to further work.