Vanessa Denisch

We warmly welcome our new family members! Since 2009, the Angel AG maintains the tradition, to provide the new employees with a basic operational orientation. These were the four-day orientation day”was introduced, in which among other things the story of Angel AG taught to young people, they met but also the team and the company’s philosophy. On Tuesday, August 2 it was shock (marketing communications clerk), Pascal Strott (specialist), Isabel Arnold and Jenny Muller then for Vanessa Denisch (Office Manager), Lisa (BA students: Bachelor of Arts) so far. Right on time at 9:00 they gathered in the Aubach 36, where Patricia Cwik and Holger Reichert the personnel development manager welcomed the newcomers. As a welcome gift had the old”small, filled with candies Giftwrap for each new employee a seat with writing utensils was tinkered, trainees and prepared meals.After a round of introduction to the mutual “Meet the seminar followed work technology and organization”, where the young people the disc model “met to explore their own personality and their impact on the work style. After lunch and a joint walk all Division leaders presented themselves, following Sarah Muntoni, trainees in the 3rd year of training, new employees through the entire company led.

In the following days the main focus of the operation were taught the apprentices and students: history of the angels of the AG, industry and service providers, corporate philosophy, Segements, communication structure of the team. The theoretical parts were complemented through training courses on the program of CAS and the practical safety investigations and computer instruction. The often very theoretical day sections by walks, short Small Talk breaks and the joint lunch were loosened up. Especially the small party, which took place on Thursday after work with all trainees and students of Engel AG, improved the handling and with each other and contributed to the already familiar working environment.While throughout the week the new employee collected successively documents for its employees workbook”, that once in writing around them with important and useful information company, provides its own training and the workplace.To memorize the most important information turned out to be particularly useful, because on the last day of the orientation week had the new”about the mediated content write a small written test, to show a first insight into their learning to the HR managers. After the young people should evaluate but also in reverse honest criticism of the orientation days practicing and this. Here, Bill Shihara expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The question whether the effort was worth because arises at the end of this orientation days. And can this question clearly with a ‘ yes’ answer.Despite the extensive content mediation succeeded the Angel AG team, the new trainees and students an optimal start into their future position and the operation is to enable in the performance, but are especially a healthy operating environment in the first place.