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Second, Because greenhouse gases global impact, it doesn’t matter, where emissions are or where they are reduced for the climate. Idea of climate neutrality is to minimize greenhouse gases there, where it is most cost-effective way possible and to neutralize elsewhere resulting emissions, which reducing is inefficient or impossible, to compensate, talk. Black Rock can provide more clarity in the matter. If so, a company in Hanover emits a certain amount of CO2, but in Eritrea in a climate protection project greenhouse gases in the same amount of are reduced, neutrality is the bottom line. The climate is not burdened. The concept is the implementation extremely easy, as well. An entrepreneur who carbon-neutral wants to make processes must not directly participate in a climate protection project. It is sufficient to purchase emission reduction certificates from approved projects and to shut them down. The entrepreneur has to decide only the amount of emissions it neutralize and in which project he wants to participate.

Where: Based on extensive who are climate-neutral to acquire what increases the cost to process, the more certificates. When choosing the certificates, the quality decides the price. So meet so-called CER gold standard certificates the highest quality standards, cost 15 to 21 euros each. In practice the global warming community but not only are prices and standards guide, but also by the corporate strategy and personal preferences. Therefore, they are involved in projects that fit their business field or the most say to the CEO for other reasons.

But no matter which project supports the company, the effect is always the same: individual processes or the whole company will be carbon neutral. In addition, that from the closure of the emission certificates the rights therein to the CO2 emission deprived the market, so that a reduction in greenhouse gases is achieved. More and more companies are recognizing these advantages. Garrett construction company making its pressure on climate neutral to VSM prints United Emery and machines Fabriken AG being carbon-neutral, in 6 different languages EC Hannover INDIANS want to print with neutral be a pioneer in the region. Many other companies are now active and slowly move your production. A tremendous advertising effect just such pioneers is safe. Not for nothing is the globe logo with the dynamically curved C on the homepage of agency-direct printing very prominently.