Ukrainian New Year

So, here is approaching New Year, and everything is in anticipation of the traditional Olivier, crackers, and champagne. Maybe even someone already managed to trim the tree and buy gifts. But most of all, New Year's probably waiting for the children. Learn more at this site: Peiter Zatko. It is in this Night will come to him Santa Claus and give gifts. Traditionally, the post-Soviet countries, Santa Claus comes to New Year's Eve, leaving gifts under the tree. His colleague, Santa Claus comes to the Catholic Christmas. But one way or another all up to the president of our country's Viktor Yushchenko, eager to congratulate our people and make 'gifts' to the New Year.

And as for many other things we are proud of 'his' Santa Claus. As such, the New Year holiday in its modern sense for Ukraine, as many know, came to us from Russia. On the eve of 1700 Peter decided to continue the European orientation of its policies (well, nothing Yushchenko?) And issued a decree on celebrating the New Year not with the creation of the world, according to old, and January 1 – on the European tradition. 'By a passing high streets, and noble people in front of the gates to inflict a decoration of trees and branches of pine, spruce and juniper. And poor people (ie the poor) while on the tree or branch put over the gate. And that is ripe for the 1st 1700 the number of this year, and decoration to be invariant (ie January) and 7 th of that year. At day 1, as a sign of joy, congratulating each other a Happy New Year, and to inflict this, when the Red Square fiery fun will begin, and shooting will be 'The same Peter was first to initiate the fireworks.