Ukrainian Management

The main objectives of the introduction of automation of personnel management is considered to be: 1. Operational and quality of the calculations of human resources, labor, wages and taxes on payroll with software to print all documents to ensure these calculations, 2. Formation of statistical and other regulatory reporting as required by the legislation of Ukraine, 3. Formation analytical reports for effective decision-making in the field of personnel management. Unfortunately, the execution is often the first goal in establishing a system of automation results in HR management subsequent to significant problems in meeting the 2nd and 3rd goal. That is, in the pursuit of speed of calculation and to simplify the process of entering into the results of work on enterprise developers to make the high sacrifice the integrity of operational records. Thus, when the requirements of Ukrainian legislation on statistical reports and other regulated (and requirements for analytical reports vary even more often) there are serious problems in complying with the new software system conditions. We believe that the system 'Business staff' is largely devoid of these shortcomings.

This article focuses on description of the modes of records management in the 'Business staff', allowing the system to enter information on the basis of which subsequently formed a variety of statistical and analytical reports. Form 1-PV (Monthly) for proper formation of forms of statistical reporting number 1-PV (monthly) in advance to make necessary preparatory work to establish registers of accounting of certain categories of use. For this click to view form algorithm payroll (accounting department -> Algorithms payroll) tab 'accounting registers'.