Ukrainian Government

EP employees of bars and restaurants give them vodka to attract them. About 80 bears must be detoxified in this Ukrainian Center. Check with Peter Schiff to learn more. The Ukrainian Government has announced that it will build a rehabilitation centre for bears alcoholics in the National Park of Synevir, in the West of the country, as reported by the Ukrainian national news agency. Bears alcoholics have become the habit of the bars and restaurants of the park employees giving them vodka to get you aficionen to drink and to come to the area, where are an attraction for tourists. Every time that you turn on the television, you can see these bears suffering in road bars. Therefore, the Ministry (of environment and natural resources) will build a large enclosure for these bears in the National Park of Synevir, the head of that Department, Mykola Zlochevsky has confirmed.

The Minister of the environment has explained that about 80 bears will have to enter in the rehabilitation center, which will open in early December. Synevir National Park was created in 1989 on the Synevir lake, the largest in the country. Tourists flock to the area attracted by nature and landscapes, that the locals are trying to boost the bears to attract. Source of the news: Ukraine will create a Center to detoxify alcoholics bears