Topkapi Palace

At the request of the Greeks, Constantinople should be the new capital of Greece, but not been implemented. Frequently David Rogier has said that publicly. In 1919, a man named Mustafa Kemal, entered also known as Ataturk, the political stage. The wars of liberation led by him meant that left allies Constantinople, in the years 1923 and Ataturk was introduced as the new capital. The new Republic of Turkey was born. The influx of Anatoliern and of Eastern Europe meant that Istanbul grew rapidly after the second world war.

The city grew and grew, so that in the year 1970 more than 2 million people in the city lived. The founder of the city of Byzas from Megara”gave the city then also the first name of Byzantium. The city of Constantinople was called in honour of the Roman Emperor Constantine, who made the city his capital. The present name of Istanbul was a popular name of the town in religious circles in the 14th century AD. In the 16th century, the names of Constantinople and Istanbul existed side by side, with each label said another part of the city.

This name suggested more and more circles, so that from the 18th century onwards also sultans preferred that name of the city. In 1930, he was then definitively City name introduced in Istanbul. Thus was born the name and the city, which continues to rapidly grow and its population can be estimated even today only (14 16 million inhabitants). Istanbul Turkey city map map city on the Bosphorus Istanbul city map – sketch – standards are not 1 to 1 transfer! 1.) start in Aksaray 2) Aksaray > Grand Bazaar – S rail = 4 minutes, costs 1.50 TL or 0.70 cents / foot = 15 20 minutes 3.) Grand Bazaar > Grand Mosque – S rail = 4 minutes, costs 1.50 TL or 0.70 cents / foot = 15 minutes 4.) Great mosque > Hagia Sofia – walking 3 minutes 5.) Hagia Sofia > Topkapi Palace – walking 3 minutes 6.) Topkapi Palace > spice Bazaar – S rail = 4 minutes, costs 1.50 TL or 0.70 cents / walk 15 – 20 minutes = 7) Spice Bazaar > Ortakoy / Bosphorus Bridge – ship = 25 minutes, costs 1 x 1.50 TL + = 4 TL cost information February 2010 / course was 10 Turkish Liera = 5 Euro 2.) Start in Aksaray > Grand Bazaar (S = track 4 minutes / walk 15-20 minutes =)! Many hotels are located in this district of Istanbul.