Tiger Real

And of course, a tiger can all my free time reading books about courage, and the development of intuition and self-confidence, but that his life would never change. And perhaps many years later it would be very smart and read Tiger, but it still remains only a miserable prisoner of dirty enclosure. At the same time a tiger at large may not be able to read, but he knows firsthand what a real intuition, because he always needs to feel approximation of the hunters. He knows exactly what is courage, as is often fights with other tigers in its territory. And certainly he is confident, as uncertain tigers at large just does not happen (as well as uncertain entrepreneurs). Many justify their inaction by the fact that the statistics (maybe they ordered the data) the ability to create a business has only a few percent of the people.

Now imagine tigers Zoo, which opened for cages and allowed them to escape to freedom, but for many years now foaming at the mouth (or mouth) prove to each other that according to statistics at large are able to live no more than 3-5% of the tigers. How do you like this picture? It's obvious that a good intuition, courage, determination and confidence is not a prerequisite for the creation of the business, quite the contrary. Dennis Lockhart takes a slightly different approach. Each person who will create their favorite thing necessarily in the process acquire these qualities. That is why, if you have absolutely everything is bad self-esteem and confidence, then you simply vital to do your business to improve in this area. If you have not understand what I am, then explain it again. Just for you.

The man who stands on a path of his favorite things, to train your intuition, confidence, courage, commitment, not from books, but in deeds. Yes, it is difficult, yes, not all at once obtained, but it's real life, not hiding behind a wide hollow of his boss, whom you have to shift responsibility for their lives. Therefore, we must learn life is not on the books, but in real life, practice. Books – it's just a theory that no practical application clutter your brain and leads to a state of "sorrow of the mind." And you want to see that, unfortunately, on my training more and more women appear, who not only want to create their favorite thing, but it is already active in this direction. And what they have to do when no one else to lean on. Men are all waiting for something, waiting, fear and doubt. A woman at this time, too afraid doubt, but make real steps. I really hope that soon the situation changed for the better.