The Use

The next event is for Planned summer 2012, where the venue was not yet set. The international experience helps potential new partners and the swimming pond customers because the experiences are incorporated in new developments. So the customer can choose now from several stages of the simple swimming pond to the exclusive pool of nature: type 1: eco system: there is a pond, where the swimming areas and processing in a water tank be installed “Stew pond”. The plant is sealed with a 3months 1.5 mm strong foil to underground. Half of the size of the pond is the use (swimming), the other half will be expanded as a constructed wetland with aquatic plants. Variable water level skimmer are installed to pull off the water’s surface. From there, a pump pulls the pond water and promoted it through pressure pipes in a distribution system in the field of regeneration.

The hydraulics of the variation required no reservoir. The filter is at the same time distribution shaft and is buried in the Wetland of regeneration zone. This is a very affordable option for small gardens – however, the use of (swimming area/number of persons) is somewhat limited. Type 2 standard equipment: this most produced type is also designed as a “Stew pond”. He has an overflow drain next to a wetland and has a stable water level in the pond at circulation. Evaporation losses reflected in the reservoir, which is fine filter slot. Two-stage allocation of biomass covering grate and fine filter cylinder is partly responsible for the particular water quality.

This method of construction is the most attractive of the price / performance ratio for many customers. Type 3 partially outsourced regeneration: this optimized system type expansion tank is replaced by a paged wetland. The plant has an overflow channel and has a stable water level in the pond at circulation.