The Possibility

More freedom and more movement would be obtained thus. We must conclude that the democracy is a process without term. In each phase of the advance the political culture plays a fundamental role that it allows to autogenerate themselves and to autoreproducir themselves. The democracy is only possible when the exact dimension of a democratic culture is had. However, this person who thinks is a social product. The society makes the person, but this person cannot forget that she has a instituting power able to modify, as well, to the society.

The person pronounces itself in the partner-historical field proper (the action) and in psiquis. Psiquis has put us in that is impossible a change within her that it entails to an action. It is certain that the actions of the instituting society do not occur through visible a radical action. It is called on, to those who we thought to us, to indicate, to make notice, that the participation imposed in an instituted heteronoma, prevents the personalisation of the person, but who is possible the alteration of the social world by a slow process of impositions on the part of a society decanted of instituted to instituting. The possibility happens through the creation of joints, not very showy, that is to say, by means of an unfolding of the society submissive an imagination process that changes to the meanings producing therefore the alteration that entails to a sociohistrico change (action). There am the necessity of a new language, the creation of new paradigms there that continue happening through the social thing and by psiquis. We start off, necessarily, of the conviction that the things as they are do not work and must be changed (psiquis) and for it another type of sense must be offered.

Second (social) it is to make notice that the person can obtain it without having an explicit power (control of massmedia, a party, or any other of the institutions that traditionally has been deposit takers of the power). It is necessary to insinuate an instituted alteration of the procedural thing. One is to produce a displacement of the passive acceptance towards a field of substitute creation. original Author and source of the article.