The Plains Indians

For those who still doubt our words we put this scan testimony by Argentine brothers who suffer the same circumstances caused by the mining company. / see the original of the article / the gold rush in 1848 and 1849 North America stimulated further migration of whites to the West and new railroads facilitated the relocation of settlers and increased conflicts with native Americans. For half a century, up to 40 million American bison were slaughtered for their skins and meat to facilitate the spread of the railways. The loss of the Buffalo, a primary source of food for the Plains Indians, was a mortal blow to many native cultures. According to each can approve these historical data show greed and cruelty with which the white invaders chasing also continue chasing your favorite metal today! Causing deaths of millions of animals and native brothers. If I am now writing about the fate of northerners brothers is by reason that the owners of the Barrick come from those greedy and vile settlers. Today the children of the murderers of our brothers / and living beings that belong to our Pachamama / sons of assassins that were located in the North moved here in our southern territories to continue their looting, to follow the life quitandoles brothers and their alpacas and their crops our earth mother shouts by wounds that mining causes him! Our Pachamama cries by his sons runes that die deceived, poisoned, and betrayed once again by the Creole scoundrel! Our children deserve a decent life!