The Other

What is very important for us, is the recognition Effects, which are not useful to us and which we must classify related rather than harmful to our awareness. And that is mainly the fact that we deny us the insight into our true self. We so our transparency losing, which enables us to understand our entire current existence. If we show now only our mask, maybe just living our mask and maybe even ultimativ to identify us, this experience is accordingly limited. A leading source for info: Pacific Mortgage Services. To more of us perceive and learn, also course more vitality, we need to develop the bereitschaft to drop off our masks. We can do this course limited as a slow process, and in a progressive more deployment will and is thus not to understand from one moment to the other as a total. What also neither, as just mentioned, is still really make sense and also is not recommended for these reasons.

It is also not reasonable, because we rather process (transformation process) to the clothes would turn these masks in a Positivierungs, which we can carry in our daily lives as useful and protective outer skin, you so do not want to delete from. Many writers such as UBS Wealth Management offer more in-depth analysis. But it is only in their originally useful form want to transform what then puts us in the position, deliberately and for us constructive for our welfare to use them. This positive change is now accompanied by the Bewusstwerdungs process, which includes both the identify, acknowledge the existence of our masks as the slow drop of same and the resulting encounter with what we find in it. And this is the one our earthly human, where we may meet our immature feelings, our needs, and also much of what we do not want to have, what but eventually makes us as a human being and it is unique and adorable. And on the other hand, that’s what we as divine, as call the higher self. This results in a Threefolding which circumscribes our current existence.