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Shower box is ideal for those who do not want to give up baths in favor of the soul. There are two varieties of this Boxing: in the first shower is located on the edge or the center of Bath, in the second – a bath with stall have fencing around the perimeter. As mentioned above, open showers can not have a tray. On the one hand such an option is very convenient because it allows you to design the cabin of any shape and size, and cheap. But on the other hand, service pipes and built into the floor drain in this case difficult.

In addition, showers with the pallet is more reliable. But this is only true if he is able to withstand quite a lot of weight. The bottom of the pan have to be a relief, otherwise there is a risk slip and fall while bathing. Depending on the shape of trays can be rectangular, radial, pentagonal, square and semicircular. Are most comfortable, spacious rectangular showers, but this option is only suitable for large bathrooms. Perhaps the most common are radial or angular trays, representing a quarter of a circle.

This shower cubicle is installed in a corner bathtub the room without taking up this much space. For pallets used materials such as enameled cast iron, steel, ceramic, acrylic, quartz and artificial marble. Cast-iron pans to date almost impossible to find on sale. They, like steel, have such dignity, such as strength, but strong metal trays rattle under the tap, plus they have a limited shelf life. The advantage of ceramic pallet is stability, but a large impact they can break. One of the most popular material is acrylic, which very quickly heats up and does not absorb dirt. For such trays are easy to maintain. Speaking candidly Master Class told us the story. Because characteristics of acrylic – very flexible material, and hence the pallet needs extra frame. Quark has all the advantages of acrylic, besides he is not afraid of hard knocks, but, despite all its advantages, such Pallets are not yet widely spread. For the manufacture of the frame showers are used, usually aluminum or plastic. The very frame cabin can be made of glass or polystyrene. Glass can have any coloring, it is both transparent and opaque. It is desirable that it should be tempered. Do not be afraid to choose glass shower stall, because to make them use a special heavy-duty glass. In some cases, it has a so-called "antiplakovoe" coating that prevents water droplets trapped on the glass. Walk-in shower of polystyrene not the best choice, since over time it becomes turbid, it there are divorces, so it's better to give preference to the matt version. Some models showers may not have a skeleton, they are made of special tempered glass. For their installation requires perfect smooth and flat floor and walls.