The Need

Do you find the differences? Super. As you can see, your brain is a skilled filmmaker and has known very well choose the characteristics of plans and sequences. Perhaps there may be differences in the illumination of the chocolate, which you can stop eating, cigarette, that you can not avoid turning. Or perhaps differences in which chocolate is much more remote and smaller than the cigarette. Or vice versa. Do you have clear differences? Very well. Let’s image that you can not avoid to light a cigarette and we are going to look at some of those different characteristics with stop eating chocolate. Let’s imagine that the image of eating chocolate, chocolate Tablet is Matt and, however, the cigarette that is close to your mouth is bright.

It is not only an example so you know what you want to do, but it could be any other difference. What I ask is that you imagine that mental image bringing the cigarette to your mouth (or whatever that image), in which cigarette is brilliant, and what I want is that you increase the brightness much. Beam that the cigarette has a lot more brightness. Attention, possibly to make sure the cigarette has more brightness, increase your urge to smoke. But what I want is to continue increasing the brightness to maximum: decrease brightness, and brightness increases everything you can; brightness decreases and increases to the maximum brightness. Please, do it, several times.

The urge to quit will increase and increase until some point in the urge to smoke will disappear. It is the same that bend metal, there comes a time in which the spoon bends and breaks. What we are looking for is exceeded the threshold of stimulation that does have to smoking. We are giving your brain a sort of overdose of urge to smoke. We can observe how the image, which in principle you rushing to action, becomes a grotesque or excessive, image or threatening that it loses its capability as a stimulus and perhaps it can cause other outcomes such as laughter, rejection or indifference. This just make, eliminates the need of smoking. You may have to do the same with some other features we’ve found different between the two images that we have compared. For example, if the difference it is not in brightness, but in that cigarette is much larger comparatively than chocolate, then much more still the size of cigarette increases until it crosses the threshold this just do, it begins to eliminate the need for smoking. But not filled the gap that we have left, not changes the behavior of smoking by other different conduct. What are you going to do instead of smoking?