The Limbic

The fear of psychological pain causes the same physiological reactions that the fear of physical pain. This alarm system, is located in the second layer of the human brain, the limbic system. The system limbic is responsible for control of flee or fight responses. Our internal alarm is only activated when there is a situation of real danger. Within the limbic system is a structure called the amygdala, which is responsible for control and mediate major as affection, aggression and fear emotions. Learn more at this site: How much is MasterClass? . It is the center of hazard identification, and is essential for survival. To be activated, it triggers fear and anxiety which threaten the person or animal in a State of full alert, getting ready to flee or fight. All the information that comes through the senses through the amygdala, and it detects any sign of danger.

While we perform any activity, the amygdala is monitoring everything that happens to our round, even when we sleep, attentive and before any sound that might represent a threat, activated their connections and makes that we awaken. The amygdala and brain structures that detect danger, do not identify details, but they are attentive to any perception Burda, that can pose a threat, such as a shadow, a strange movement, noise, etc. Before the first perception of a potential danger, triggers a reaction of the body alert and is only until after we see what happens and if there is really a risk or not. For example, has become all that we hear a strange in-house noise and immediately put ourselves alert, only to discover moments later that it was cat. Experiments have been made with monkeys aggressive savages, which removed the tonsil, lost all its fear of humans and their aggressive reaction. In humans lose the amygdala does not mean total fear loss, since the amygdala is only a part of a complex system of fear which includes to other parts of the limbic system and bark, however the loss of the amygdala in humans if it leads to changes in the person, making it more calm.