The Jaramillo

There are some places where the river is quiet deep and the water, like in a swimming pool. There are even a few places with a right sand beach. You will enjoy it. You can reach Caldera easy and cheap by bus. In Caldera can you be a taxi mehmen or to negotiate a fixed price with a taxi driver in Boquete. He’s waiting for you there. Who likes to hike, can go also by the place about half an hour walk to the springs.

To the hiking, there are endless possibilities, you can migrate hardly in a holiday. And a trail is more beautiful than the other. The Pianista trail goes up to Bocas del Toro. But that’s only for very trained hiker. Click JP Morgan’s CEO to learn more. The whole hike takes 3-4 days and you must be able to be able to run 10 hours, uphill and downhill on the day. But the trail is good to wander even for a few hours. You need good condition while also, but any good walkers can do this.

The Jaramillo trail part way along a road, steep uphill and downhill. But this one has quite stunning views of Boquete and the Vulkan Baru. You can walk around the hill with beautiful villas built around. The waterfalls “Cascada San Ramon” you can go without a tour guide, approx. 2 hours from Boquete. The trail leads directly to the famous Quetzaltrail, which is currently just a few hours, because in between has been blocked because of an accident. To see the shy quetzals, it makes sense not to go in large groups. Not to forget, to visit the coffee plantations. Our guests took especially great and effective the tour by Ruiz. For $30 a driver picks you up and takes you back or like settles where you want. The tour takes about 2.5 hours in about 3 hours, other coffee tours. For the thrill seekers, finds him at the canopying. When the canopying, floating one on a steel rope and lurches from a century-old tree to the next, through the force of gravity alone. Helmets and safety gear are included in the price. You float past the steel ropes to impressive waterfalls of the Palo Alto and on the border of the National Park of La Amistad. A unique pleasure. Caren Poth La Casa Romantico, Boquete, Panama