The EU Services Directive

Breaks for companies in the service sectors of the service providers for tax strukturierungen Shanda consult Ltd. informed: since January is the implementation of the services directive adopted on 12.12.2006 European Parliament, which will provide an important reorganisation of the market over the course of the next few months and years, one for the benefit of, the other to the detriment of. The services directive is a European law which intended to give significant relief to companies in the European Union, which provide services or take advantage of. Obliges all EU countries, to remove legal and bureaucratic obstacles. Simplifies the services directive: the establishment in the services sector: these are cases in which an entrepreneur or a company wants to build a permanent establishment (such as a company or a branch) in his country of origin or another EU – Member State. Examples: a Carpenter from Hungary, who wants to settle down in Sweden, or a Spanish retail company that wants to open a new business in their own country. u0085the cross-border provision of services: This involves cases in which a company based in one EU country wants to provide services in another EU country without to settle there permanently.

Examples: an architect practising in France, which is tasked with building a house in Germany, or a Finnish event Manager, which would like to organize an open-air festival in Estonia. The services directive obliges Member States to fully implement the new rules up to January. Affected sectors the services directive covers a wide range of services, among others: trade and sales (including wholesale and retail trade with goods and services) building services craft service the most services in the liberal professions (such as such as legal and tax consultants, architects, veterinarians) business-related Services (E.g. recruitment, advertising, patent attorneys) tourism (such as travel agencies, tour guides) accommodation and food services (such as hotels, restaurants, catering services) education and training (such as private universities, language schools) real estate services support services meaning the services directive which is the services directive is more than just a legal provision in national law to implement in the household (E.g.