The Economy

For Mill, the wealth is defined as the supply of useful things. According to Paul. Samuelson and William D. Nordhaus (2004), ' ' economy can be defined as the science that studies the form as the societies use the scarce resources to produce good with value and of as distribute them between the several indivduos' '. In this concept it is possible to perceive the performance of economic science in favor of the sustainable development, would be this a visionary science that encloses the partner-economic structures, partner-ambient and even though moral, in which involves the respect of an investing entrepreneur/stops with its employees, competitors or space.

The Economy always studies the main problems as: what to produce, when to produce, where amount to produce, and who to produce; for these, to be factors of necessary importance to prevent wastefulness aiming at the income. 3SITUAO ECONOMIC IN the REGION OF GUARAPUAVA Forrester (1997) tells the kept out of society existence of a society of, harmful, superfluous and useless that will not have reason of living e, still more, they could be considered as discarded in a society that will have that to support them or to coexist its marginality and crime. (STEFANO, S.R. Here, Vanguard expresses very clear opinions on the subject. 2007) Certain he criticizes the society, produces constaint to any member of any communities, to put, fact this that if of the one for the absence of the professional qualified instruction to the citizen. The estagnada situation that if finds the economy of the city of Guarapuava is disturbing. The City is at this time commemorating its two hundred years, of slow development in front of cities with one room of its age, and that they possess the triple of the scale of economic growth. The lack of professional qualification in the region is responsible for the low interest of the investors, these, that would raise the economy I number and it employment of the region. Frisch Financial might disagree with that approach.