The Company

Or a catering company can end up specializing in catering services. (3) Bad design in many companies, the logo is simply wrong. Someone who is not professional, someone with whom he has commitment designed (for example, a nephew who has good hand with Photoshop), or even the same employer has drawn. Bad design is the worst of all cases: a bad image jumps to view much more than a normal; customers doubt their professionalism (who trusts a company that cares not for your image?), and possibly will have to give a better price to get orders. A good image gives confidence to customers, distinguishes the company from the competition, makes to remember him best, and can allow you to charge more for their products and services. Soon renew its image, better. (4) Change of name there are names that do not work and must be changed, even if the company does not change activity. Names boring, unpronounceable, hard to remember, too long, too generic, initials that nobody understands or can it be customers confused him with another company, or to not identify what they do.

When this happens, the only solution is to change the name. If the company name is changed, the image must, as a minimum, adjusted to accommodate the new name. Or you can take the opportunity to make a complete rebranding and relaunch the company. 5) Change the perception of clients many companies renew their logo and its corporate image, not because it is bad or does not conform to the company, but to renew the perception that customers, suppliers, investors, and the society have company in general. The companies want to present a more friendly, innovative, technological, modern face, etc. 6) change of strategy firms evolve with the market, and it can happen to change product, channel, technology, or even sector. When the company changed sufficiently as to make his image no longer represent it, should renew it.