The Chronology

With the Many new applications on the basis of fiber-reinforced composites are open transfer a single – and minimum in a series production. Other automakers now are on the bandwagon with and in turn force efforts lightweight concepts in extension materials selection to develop composites. An exciting time from point of view of automotive development, believed the statements, that up to 30% in structures be held for possible weight reductions. Lightweight construction concepts of change in the field of materials leads to new lightweight construction concepts, which itself will line up in the chronology of developments to date. The desire to build light and at the same time but high-strength, rigid and other structures is as old as the car itself. It was always a goal to minimize the moving mass even if the motives are different today than a few decades ago. Certainly shape the development of the AUDI was Spaceframe for the A8 which in its first approach before was joined in 1993.

He solved both in terms of the Aluminium alloys as also when the steel materials a significant innovation thrust out. In addition to those purebred Mono material concepts a number of structures in the Mischbauweisen on the market was brought as a result. The latest development A6 is for example the AUDI, which both based on aluminum but also on the hot formed boron steels and so could achieve a significant weight reduction. On the other is the development of a series body by BMW with a carbon fibre passenger cell and an aluminium base structure for the absorption of crash energy now. The question remains: what’s the best lightweight concept? There is can be no answer, because the requirements of the various vehicles and vehicles against the backdrop of a global are so different that there is no single solution. If a solution is good, can be assessed but quite: reached weight and production costs.