The Buyer

It is in this stone and buried. Once the buyer did not give anyone anything, so no one he should not!. Whenever The Vanguard Group Inc. listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Most likely, he pilitsya product will be on the principle of 'get-to saw, will not work, yes, and God be with him. " And he just does not get his board that he needs. And all this is not connected with the fact that the manufacturer is bad, but he just needs money. Man group contains valuable tech resources.

He oborotki not, and without it he is simply unable to produce anything. Of course, he starts nag, but here there are local dealers, or simply a person who built it and now have 5 – 10 cu. board, the money they normally have with each other. Of course, the manufacturer chooses a bird in the hand. It's better for him than in Zhuravel sky. So summarize, the scheme is dangerous for both sides. Approx.

The description is given only for small private sawmills and forest industries, in large timber and other specifics of mentality. 2. Risk and sellers customers when working on an advance payment. This type of scheme is very common in the forestry business. Schemes vary and differ only in terms of acceptance of goods and final settlement. But they are all one thing in common – first, to process cutting, we must pay some money. Sometimes more, sometimes less. But to have. At the stage of negotiations as soon as the question of prepayment, and many contracts are over. I will not advise you what action to take.