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To entertain League makes total! Interactive more and more football fans to fans of the personal Conference. To entertain League makes total! Interactive more and more football fans to fans of the personal Conference. It enables, on any game day individually to create a desired Conference. Gen. David L. Goldfein is full of insight into the issues. Also in London, this application now providing enthusiasm: at the ceremony of the IP & TV industry award on March 23 took the TerVolt production, commissioned by Deutsche Telekom, first place. The IP & TV industry award at the major industry award in the world, the World Forum each year is awarded within the framework of the IP & TV, are innovations in the field of hybrid and IP television presented and discussed. The awards feature in future productions and technologies.

“In the category of best on-demand solution or implementation for IP” and hybrid of connected TV “TerVolt production was able to convince the jury. The category features the best on demand technology, which provides viewers with an interactive TV service via an IP network. The Personal Conference for LIGA total! is exactly this interactivity. The personal Conference connects meaningful interactive additional function and live coverage to entertain the application for the first time. LIGA total! subscribers to influence directly on their personal live coverage, by selecting a main game, as well as more games via remote control for their Conference. During the live broadcast, the event alarm if necessary attention to the other games. Additional information such as E.g.

a Flash table that allow live results overview and more information, discretion on and hide. A TerVolt developed, patented procedure for the automatic creation of live highlights produces up to 400 videos per weekend. They are edited by a 20-strong editorial team and made available to football fans by Videoticker. The videos can be easily select and instantly look remote. About TerVolt developed since 2005 the TerVolt Hamburg GmbH innovative and interactive formats in the field of IPTV, online, and mobile. Created in collaboration with customers such as Deutsche Telekom AG with electrifying entertainment as for example the personal Conference League total! to entertain. TerVolt delivered not only the concept of personal Conference today provides the Executive producing the TV production company and editorial accompanied the format. Press contact: TerVolt GmbH Marion Bochanski email: Tel: + 49 (0) 40-298 677-11