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Wash, cut, lay – a carport wood Winterize now so it isn’t bad then. But not only car and garden should be prepared shortly in the autumn and winter, but also your carport. Lime blossom, acorns or leaves should be removed from the roof and the gutters. These otherwise rot on the roof accumulates moisture and also the wood or the roof battens are attacked with the time. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Bitcoin and gain more knowledge.. Rot or rust is the result.

This effect occurs even when clogged gutters. Can the water freely flow out, spilling over the gutter and wood parts to cover or even the post getting unnecessarily wet at some point start to rot. Who would like to make it perfectly well, which removed also the deposited algae from the roof. But be careful when climbing the roof! Secure the ladder goes without saying. Do you have a steel trapezoidal sheet metal roof? Then make sure a wide plank above the roof with your weight set, thus not the structure”which needed harnesses for the stability and destroy damage. The algae can be usually easily removed with a not too hard scrubbing brush if they have been previously moistened. But also the wood needs maintenance.

KDI, i.e. pressure impregnated, has a solid foundation. But also this impregnation salts lose their effect over time, because they are mined from the environmental influences. To achieve a maximum life of your carport, all wooden parts with an open-pore varnish should be removed. But caution! Delete not a fresh or wet wood. The wood fibres are then saturated with moisture and can not take the wood preservatives. Therefore our advice to “Winterizing your carport”: wait a long dry period and then “stroking”. The dealer has a wide selection of paints and will recommend an appropriate remedy with the corresponding color. When painting then all wooden parts take into account also the aperture, which is the most exposed to moisture. As you can see, there is a lot to do. But it is worthwhile, because then you have long Joy of your carport.