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Creating Graphic Hyperlinks

Any ordinary Internet user, and especially someone who has something to do with creating websites, are well aware that the site is a set of web pages. Of course, the pages are linked. How to connect to web pages Online? Associate special pages links, hyperlinks that lead from one page to another. You can see them at almost every site. Standard text hyperlink looks like a blue sign with underlined. The transition from one page to another is done by clicking the mouse on a hyperlink, with the web browser loads the page, whose address is specified in this link. This text hyperlinks.

But there are also different, as they are called hyperlinks, images, or just graphic hyperlinks. It is not difficult to understand by the name, to create them using graphics, images. There is nothing easier than to create graphic hyperlink in the editor Dreamweaver. One type of such links, as they call it – maps, images. Map-image complex hyperlink, which is a graphic image, divided into parts. Actually these parts and are hyperlinks pointing to his page. Each pixel acts as a single hyperlink, and points to a web address.

These picture elements are called "hot" or active. Build a map-image can be in any graphics program, for example in Photoshop. Built? Activate the editor Dreamweaver. Open built web page or make a new one. Whatever. We put on a web page Map-image from the main menu: Insert – Picture. If the image is active, note the Properties panel at the bottom of the editor, rather than on its left side. Here you will find a map window, and four icons under it. We are interested in the last three. They are specialized for the formation of "hot" areas of the image, a different form. The most elemental – a rectangle. Click on this icon. When we direct the cursor on image, it becomes a dagger. Clamping the left mouse button, drag a blue rectangle on vozniknuvshy we needed area. That's it. "Hot" zone is ready. And of course in the window reference must specify the address of the web page on which the link points to. Finally. You should see how to map window, the name of Map. If the web page you want to make only one card-An image, you can leave everything as is. In the opposite case name for each card you need to do their own.


As with all couples, this day is one that you wait with much enthusiasm and illusion; you expect that this day be unforgettable for all. The problem is that with all the fuss that brings a wedding, it is very difficult to enjoy it at the same time. However, create web page for a wedding has never been easier, and you can simplify you much life when making all the preparations, in addition to give class and distinction to your day. Whether you are planning a traditional wedding as a wedding theme and original, is important that your guests are always well informed and know what you will find at your wedding and how should attend to it. Sen. Jeff Flake: the source for more info. The more to personalize your web page, more useful it will be for your guests and yourself, view the big day. How to create a great website for your wedding is very simple if you have the following considerations into account: create a website for your wedding access to social networks if you include in your web page icons for access to social networks like Twitter and Facebook, you can share all aspects of wedding planning, as well as discuss ideas and receive advice. Many questions you may have can be answered quickly by a large group of people and views.

In addition, it is an efficient and effective way of contacting with your guests. This will save you valuable time, since you won’t have to go answering questions from your guests one by one. In addition, they will have the opportunity to share and let you know their ideas and opinions, as for example, what songs might sound, what preferences in the menu have, etc. Create web page for your wedding calendar of events something as simple as including a calendar on your website will help you to highlight events and important appointments, as well as the account back up to the big day.