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Political Dynamics

In the geopolitical realm due to the strategic location of Venezuela, can be further developed with partner companies, treaties of navigation and any other area that is similar, eg the military sector. Economic Strengths With Venezuela in its energy deals has a great strength which are the oil and gas reserves. Although during the oil strike of 2002 the majority of PDVSA employees left, a new human talent that makes a herculean effort to maintain daily operation of production and trade, in order to meet national and international commitments, including maintaining the current treaties. In Political Dynamics and proactive foreign trade policy makes inroads in Venezuela in the interest of other countries to strengthen relations and make treaties which benefit both. Economic Threats Due In that Venezuela has the oil revenues for supporting the economy, lowering them would be considered a threat to continue with the projects involved in the treaties.

In Political Any violent rupture of a treaty between governments for political or ideological differences came into being. Suggestions The world requires increasingly greater political, cultural, economic, and social, that is why international treaties play a fundamental role. However, the government could implement the following recommendations: The state should provide greater information support for the participation of SMEs in their bilateral economic, technological, educational. It suggests making state participation wheels unemployed professionals in all areas and give them opportunities to identify what treatment they can use to go to another partner country to be trained and in return, take that human talent to put it in their governmental institutions to prevent the leakage of intellectual capital and human resources to improve government. Example Venezuela-German bilateral treaty in the area of transportation. Keep the agreement with Russia and China and find a way to add more areas of interest for development, for example, parts for network systems equipment, design of specialized computer programs for SMEs, for example, that there is more technology transfer to Venezuelan companies in the industry.