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System Independent Power Supply

Progress does not stand still and we have to battle more and more we collect all sorts of gadgets require power. Phones, smart phones, GPS navigators, radios and other equipment. Unfortunately, not every forest can be found electrical outlet, so you have to look for alternative sources of supply for our electronic devices. Lug with a gasoline generator – too hard, wind power – is not effective, is solar energy. Accordingly, it was acquired by the device converting solar energy into electrical energy. Thus, the theory … Charger AcmePower AP MF2070 – a high-tech device designed to provide emergency power cell phones and other portable digital, devices. The device is capable of performing the functions of charging and energy storage, built-in electronic protection, high capacity, compact size, suitable for long life and has excellent value for money.

AcmePower AP MF2070 – the best choice to provide emergency power portable devices while traveling, business trips, outings and other cases, as well as a great gift for your friends and acquaintances. The principle of operation of the device AP MF2070 is based on the accumulation of electrical energy in the built Li-ion battery and recharging the battery is connected portable digital device (cell phone, digital camera, MR3/MR4-pleer, etc.). Charging the built-in AP MF2070 Li-ion battery can be made from home network with a 220V adapter supplied device from the USB port on your computer, from regular panels of solar cells by converting solar energy into electricity, as well as the road network through 12V DC power adapter. And practice … See European Commission for more details and insights. Gadget fine charges small phones and navigators.

Built-in diode flashlight powerful enough and energy-saving. Enough for a large amount of time that the light far enough. When searching for firewood in the dark was very useful. Housing dull, pleasant to the touch. Looks very stylish and technologically. At the end of the device connectors are conveniently located, indicators and switches. Comes with a large number of adapters for different phones. Just out obvious advantages can be noted form factor of solar panels made by the "book". When transporting devaysa, panels are completely safe. The charger can be used as an adapter, if necessary charge the phone in the car, but no adapter. The device connects to the cigarette lighter, and the phone to the device via an adapter. In a campaign a few times were charging the smartphone Samsung i900, smartphone apparently proved too greedy, we had to include it only if you need to call. After three days, triggered protection devices (when the battery is empty, it shuts down and revive him only with 220 volts, or from the cigarette lighter) Disappointing lack of bag or jacket, for drag and device adapters in your pocket or backpack, is not very convenient. The device is not charging Apple equipment: Ipody and Iphony? also failed to charge the MP3-player from Creative – MyZen. Built-in battery capacity built-in battery 2600 mah Output voltage 5.5V – 1000 mA, 6V – 800 mA, 9V – 500 mA solar panel power 1.5W Dimensions (cm) 18x 11x 6 cm Weight (g) 430 g red LED indicators – low charge (voltage Estimated cost – 2500r.

External Economic Relations

For employees of the organizations – members of the St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs – special offer! * For the head of the organization proposal for collaboration Company "YOUR World ", which travel partner of the St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs (www.spbsp.ru), the exclusive partner of the Russian-European Centre for International Business (www.nowatell.com) offers you the special limited offer on the organization of beach holidays, sightseeing and business trips for you and your staff, as well as their family members at preferential terms. Our travel agency staff which has been successfully operating in the market of tourist services St. Petersburg, offers you to take care of the rest of your company and staff sign contract with the company on corporate travel services.

We work with all the leading tour operators of St. Petersburg and Moscow and are willing to offer you and your employees travel vouchers and a whole range of related services at prices below the minimum specified by any of the chosen tour operators. By working with our firm, you do not incur any financial obligation, just create an additional incentive to employees for dedication to work as a responsible leader, caring for their recreation and reducing the cost of it. Contract with us for corporate travel services, you provide your team guaranteed a minimum price discounts on any of the selected tour operators for all types of travel, both in Russia and abroad. If you do not see the need for a long-term contract due to infrequent trips or for other reasons, your employees and their families can receive one-time discounts on all kinds of travel on presentation of a copy of this offer of cooperation in our office. * For entry into the St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs and working with the Russian-European Centre for International business, you just can apply for any of these phones. Enter into a contract (with the text can be found on the website, (www.tvoymirspb.ru) You can contact us for any of these phones.

* On this program are already working with us, many commercial and public organizations, government agencies, major customs terminals in the Northwest. By joining, you will find yourself among worthy of your level! We look forward to your responses, we hope for long-term mutually beneficial cooperation. Sincerely, Board Member, Head of the External Economic Relations of St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs, Philip V. Antyufev tel. (812) 981-00-25 The program is designed Department of Foreign Economic Relations of St. Petersburg Union of Entrepreneurs