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Passport Leader

The freedom of the man in what is known and its limit in what is unknown. Acquire knowledge, organize them and employ them for a defined purpose. These are times of unlearn and relearn, eliminate errors that we have become habits, and with deep admiration, seek to learn from the winners, expelling the arrogance of believing we already know everything. If education is expensive, much more expensive is ignorance. What is most important: know or do? But what use is done when it comes from an ignorant mind? Only when the education make better human beings makes sense educate and only when we transform information into knowledge can give you a value dimension. The quality and quantity of education that receives a people is what determines the ability to be productive, raise their standard of living and face the future.

In the 1920s the Japanese were in extreme poverty. What explains their astonishing development? If something obviously explains the Asian miracle is the humility of its people to learn; they have learned from their competition, they have assaulted the world learning from the success, his admiration for the triumph of others has led them to degrees of learning excellence. We must then carefully select our teachers and, of course, those chosen should be those that with concrete facts have demonstrated the value of their knowledge. Learn from the winners is the watchword, assimilating deeply values that led them to the top. Education has resolved the future of Nations, and this is the Passport to personal prosperity. Learn to progress is the axiom and ethics is the reference framework to ensure that we are on the right track. What leader does not want to have honest, loyal, creative, unconditional, people with initiative and optimism among his followers?, what parent does not aspire to have children with triumphant spirit?, who not longs to have as a couple to be positive and committed? Finally, what leader who aspires to the extraordinary dreams not of having excellent followers and? committed? The formula for this quality of followers is of course education, educating human beings is equivalent, for the leader, ensure that your dreams become a reality.