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Damascus Blade Steel

Are only beautiful or even particularly knife from Damascus Steel? Chefs swear by it Japanese Damascus knives and that for good reason, because it is one of the highest quality knives that so far there are on the market. The production is elaborate and explains the higher price for Damascus steel knife. Undergo a complex procedure Damscus knifes in the production. The starting material is multilayer steel, in which the different layers have different degrees of hardness. The reason is, hard steel is very solid, but it is also brittle.

The layers of tough steel between them, which can deform quickly hold together but at the end of the steel. This composite of steel is very hard but also elastic enough not to break. Often, hundreds of layers are achieved through repeated folding and putting each other in this way. In the forging process, a certain temperature must not be exceeded, the next difficulty is. Finally, the finished Damascus Blade is etched so that the classic pattern is visible. The purchase is worth, but you should pay particular attention to the proper care of damask knives.

A mortal sin is to put such a blade in the dishwasher. One must imagine that the rinses massive heat differences seem like a renewed forging, which change the structure of the steel. With a single wash cycle, you can destroy a such high quality Damascus steel knife quasi, as well with unfachkundigem loop. Due to its excellent properties, damask steel used for making of swords and knives. Nowadays using so-called chain damask to manufacture, that is forged from the chains of chain saws and motorcycle chains. This steel is a very nice pattern of damask steel. Hunting knives and other blades made of Damascus steel are often highly sought after as collector’s items, but also in the kitchen, the Damascus steel knife has its place. Especially for all those who like to cook and value to a good knife. Because nothing is more frustrating than a blunt knife in the kitchen. But even a damask knife will once become dull when used frequently and must be reground. If you have no experience in the knife sharpening, you should use his Damascus steel knife better rather than exercise object. Better you can grind it in a shop or in a knife grinding shop. A carefully treated damask knife can accompany one of so many years, so providing a high quality knife worth anyway.